Putting an African Edge Modest Clothing

An African edge to modest clothing is at the forefront of this exclusive brand Afrika Abaya.

Founded by Hauwa Liman who from an early age developed a love and passion for creating her own distinctive outfits. She was fascinated by the way fabrics are manipulated to create an outfit. In secondary school during her Arts and Crafts class she designed and sewed he first outfit using her mom’s sewing machine. Her muse and coach was her seamstress mom. AFRIK ABAYA as a brand is centered on the innovating and transforming the traditional Middle Eastern female attire known as “ABAYA”. What sets Afrik Abaya apart is the infusion of vibrant and colorful patterns that uses African fabrics and African fashion accessories.

The Afrik Abaya collections range from traditional abayas infused with stunning African embroidery and bold colored patterns right through to lounge wear that oozes cool and comfort. Evening wear is bold and elegant that fits perfectly for any celebratory event where you want a unique look.

Arik Abaya designs are varied to accommodate the tastes of the diverse population that make up Nigeria. They can be styled to suit all religious and cultural belief.

Hauwa’s long term goal with Afrik Abaya is to build a modest fashion enterprise with a global presence.

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