Pullman Hotels and Resorts – Leisure with Experience

By Nawshaba Ahmed 

Pullman Hotels and Resorts are not just a place to leisure in extravagance and style, but a space that offers you rich cultural and heritage experiences. Pullman, owned by Accor Hotels has over 117 hotels and resorts in 33 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia Pacific and Latin America. As hinted, the name Pullman was indirectly inspired by George Pullman, founder of the Pullman Company.

Pullman Hotels’ ideology stems from the belief of rediscovering oneself through new experiences, new acquaintances and new ideas. The world of Pullman is a playground where technology and services are used to provide the patrons with the balance between work and leisure. Pullman provides world class facilities with best professional and sports amenities. It is always thinking of a new generation of travelers and business leaders. This generation is characterized by exploration and hyper connectedness. They look at each day as an opportunity to invent new ways of doing business. This mix between business and pleasure is what Pullman caters to with great balance and precision, which translates in turn to a balance between efficiency and well-being. With hotels conveniently located close to prime locations and business districts in some of the world’s most exciting cities, Pullman never misses a chance to be in the heart of the action, making sure this kind of client is never ignored.

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