Prints & Patterns for Spring 2021

By Nellie Abel

I’m sure you’ve cleared out your wardrobe this year at least once, or tried to. Finding unnecessary clothes at the bottom of your closet, there’s no denying everybody has their own style, however when it comes to spicing up your wardrobe this year, consider these striking, dramatic prints. Everyone needs a bit of added colour, this year especially.

Tie Dye

It’s to no surprise tie-dye has been seen absolutely everywhere this past year. Socks, jumpers, bags, shoes, jackets, tops, you name it, I’m sure there’s a tie-dye version somewhere. But who is to blame for this throwback 90s/2000s print? Everyone from Jordyn Woods to Nicki Minaj has been rocking this super chic, trendy print.



Cheery Checkerboards: With Tartan, Houndstooth, Plaid, and Gingham still being entirely relevant, the visible popularity has been checkerboards. Whether the print be face coverings, skater shoes or cargo pants, it has quickly become a favourite in 2020, seen throughout Pinterest and social media. It is inevitable the graphic print will be carried throughout 2021.




Retro Patchwork: Loewe’s simple patchwork cardigan blew up in 2020, becoming the most recognisable item of the year. Even Harry Styles wore one, it went viral! Shortly after, creative director, Jonathan Anderson released the famous knitting pattern so that the entire world could all crochet simultaneously. Nonetheless, outside of the movement, this notorious pattern had already been seen cropping up on cool, groovy girls Instagram feeds. Estelle and Imani wore this beautiful print paired with minimalist, laid back hippy clothes, making the beautiful print stand out for itself.




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