IFDC has produced the world’s first virtual fashion week. Designers now have an easier, more effective way of getting discovered globally, increasing commercial opportunities, and brand value. Global consumers and retailers, feast your eyes! To learn more about participating in Pret-A-Cover™ Fashion Week (PACFW), please contact Office@IFDCouncil.org . Go to COVER Magazine now to see the latest PACFW.

The red carpet never felt so good; and you are about to become our VIP guest. Now, in addition to the great features and articles, each issue of COVER magazine will dedicate a special section to Pret-A-Cover™ Fashion Week (PACFW); a show within the interactive magazine that keeps you at the forefront of modest fashion!

This is the beginning of a revolutionary concept that will change the way great designers are discovered worldwide. Already being noted as the “go to” section for buyers, merchandisers, retailers, and consumers from around the globe, Pret-A-Cover™ Fashion Week will give readers and industry players every bit the excitement and experience reminiscent of fashion weeks but with ease in accessibility and opportunity. “We wanted to do something disruptive, it was time for a change in the way we do things in fashion so that more designers can get exposure to our exciting market without the exhaustive measures it normally takes. Through PACFW, we intend to offer more equal opportunity for all talent and businesses without presenting the challenges that normally come with partaking in a fashion week. We hope this and a few other initiatives we are planning to roll out will change the way one thinks of how business can be done in fashion”, said IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan who led the team in designing the magazine and virtual fashion week concept.

What can you expect in the world’s first virtual fashion week? In addition to the Pret-A-Cover™ Fashion Week line up of exciting designer discoveries showcasing breathtaking beauty and design talent, we bring to you a stimulating virtual panel discussion where you can engage with some notable thought leaders in modest fashion. There’s also a review panel made up of leading names from global and boutique retailers, buyers, and merchandisers. These reviews can be found at the end of each designer collection showcase.
And of course how can any high caliber virtual event be complete without its very own virtual press conference. Find out what the media will ask our designers and see full coverage of PACFW by leading publications through the links provided in the PACFW Virtual Press Conference section. The interactive issue is now live, so click on COVER magazine and immerse yourself in sheer fashion pleasure!
Now you can sit back and relax in your very own VIP seat as you view the premier virtual fashion week: Pret-A-Cover™ Fashion Week! We’ve gone all out for you in the current interactive issue of COVER Magazine where throughout the articles and features, you will find interesting links, videos, and creative interaction that makes for a richer experience!

Pret-A-Cover™ is a new store category that allows the modest wear consumer to shop with success every time. Ask your favorite retailer to start a Pret-A-Cover™ (PAC) section in their store by contacting IFDC.

Designer submissions will be considered through We Transfer files or website links only. No email attachments will be considered. Designers are selected by a committee on merit, images, photo shoot presentation, and quality. There is no charge for a place in PACFW, it is by selection process only.

For all designer and press inquiries, please email: Office@IFDCouncil.org

Go to COVER Magazine now to see the latest PACFW!