Our Shoe Pick of the Week: GHILLIES

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” said Marilyn Monroe and we would have to agree that a great pair of shoes can definitely add to your confidence! The latest “must-have” shoe trend for this Spring/Summer 2016 are the GHILLIES. The GHILLIES better known as lace-up shoes are the most elegant and feminine shoes of the season. They are stylish, chic and elegant – everything a shoe should be. GHILLIES have a Celtic origin: they are specially designed shoes used for several types of dance.  In particular they are used by women in Irish dancing and by men in traditional Scottish country dancing. They come in a variety of different styles: open toe or not, girding the foot or ankle, in flats or with high heels, natural or coloured, made with suede, leather or ecologic. The important thing is they must have laces, preferable long to tie up your leg or create interesting styles with. GHILLIES shoes are definitely one of the top-picks amongst shoe trends this season and if you enjoy shopping, you are sure to find them in so many different designs and styles, making it easy to find the perfect pair to suit your style and personality. Every designer has proposed its own version. We have selected the best for each type:

  • Flats: the GHILLIES dancer by Chloè is probably the most beautiful. Realized in beige or black suede they are perfect for a bon ton look.

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  • Mid Heel: Miu Miu is head above the rest when it comes to this designer GHILLIES pumps. Classic charm with a girly spirit, they can look more traditional in black or white or even a little eccentric in pink.

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  • High heels: These undisputed queens are the GHILLIES sandal by Aquazzura. No words are needed to describe these sophisticated creations.

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