Our Fave Influencers and Layering

By: Maryam Ahmed

As tough as it can be to dress modestly in the summer, fall and winter are seasons many modest dressers look forward to. Layering is a viable option and the weather supports it. So don’t sweat it and layer up!

One of the queens of layering is Summer Albarcha. The majority of her looks involve layering and with the fall season kicking in, she’s ready to go in her camel and maroon-colored outfit.

Instagram: @summeralbarcha

If you’re looking for a more classic look, Yasmin Isra recently created a black leather jacket look that’ll make you want to rock your own it while the weather allows it.

Instagram: @yesrakleo

Dina Tokio takes her modest styling to a whole other level. Living in England, she’s able to layer up quite a bit with sweaters, jackets, hoodies, and blazers. This fashionista is able to pull off just about anything.

Instagram: @dinatokio

Another recent newcomer in the modest fashion game is Dina Tokio’s twin, known as Toosy. Toosy has also been inspiring modest women across the globe to experiment and find their style. She often layers with some of the most stylish jackets and continues to inspire through her travels.

Instagram: @2ctorkia

The Torkia sisters also collaborate in style as seen in their outfits for London Fashion Week with Dina Tokio opting for an oversized sweater and Toosy opting for a long jacket.

Instagram: @dinatokio


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