Organizational Tips for the Occasional Clutter Bug

Every once in a while some of us let the tasks pile up until the weekend, snooze those reminders, forget to de-clutter our workspace, or simply get a little lazy…and that’s okay! As a student and usually busy body, I plead guilty! However, there are a few simple tips that can help eliminate those bad habits and make of you and I a more organized and clear-minded individual! …Where to Start Sometimes, it is best to start with a space that you live in on a daily basis. Because your clutter is most likely linked to ‘bad’ habits, organizing a garage that you’re never in versus your room may not help reduce your habits. Out of sight, out of mind! If the problem area is your closet for example, you may want to start there, as you will see it every day, serving as a reminder to keep it organized. Essentially, start with what you think is the most problematic, or the most annoying clutter for you. …Old Habits Die Hard But it’s not impossible! It is generally agreed that it takes 21 days to build a new habit, or eliminate an unwanted one. Start with something small, preferably something that you will be able to complete on a daily basis without going out of your way. Like hanging up that shirt instead of tossing it on a chair or your bed. Perhaps you need to start making your bed every morning before you leave the house– whatever the daily habit is, make sure you keep track of it! This can entail something as simple as ticking off days on a calendar or setting a reminder on your phone until the actions naturally become part of your routine! …Define Your Space It goes without saying, we are less likely to care for a space that we don’t necessarily like. If you are the type to let your bedroom become overwhelmingly messy, perhaps it’s time to create a more positive and inviting space! By redecorating using simple home DIY’s or maybe rearranging furniture you will give the illusion of a fresh start within the four walls. Think of your personal space as an extension of yourself and your – most likely creative and ingenious – mind.  By taking care of your space and keeping it de-cluttered you are sure to feel more liberated and motivated throughout your day. …Let it go I am the first to admit that I easily get emotionally attached to the littlest things but most of the time, these things add clutter. Go through your space and diligently toss or donate anything that you no longer need or want. It will leave you with more space to organize the items you do need, and have access to them more easily. …But One Thing at a Time Don’t worry, goals are not achieved overnight. It will be easier and less discouraging to start small and build your way up. Define the space you wish you de-clutter and organize, and start little by little so the task doesn’t seem too daunting.  Maybe that means setting aside one or two hours during your day to dedicate to the task. …Re-evaluate If you notice yourself slipping back into your previous habits, or that the clutter has returned, don’t get stressed out! Simply take a step back and identify where you went wrong, tweak, and try again – success rarely comes with the first shot! … Finally, you are not Alone! The key to achieving goals is to reach out and get help when needed. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend to come over and give you a hand, or ask them for their tips and tricks. Additionally, many books and home magazines are available for more organizational inspiration, you just have to get started! Article written exclusively for IFDC by Hanna Sow



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