OK With Gray

Gone are the days when guys would run toward covering their gray hair, or even avoid purposely making it gray. For a new generation of adventurous men, letting the gray naturally come out or even dyeing one’s hair gray is gaining traction, appropriating a naturally occurring phenomenon from older men and giving it a millennial twist. And we can possibly thank none other than George Clooney for giving them the confidence. Embracing gray hair and being real about it is now more manly and a new generation of men don’t mind being honest about their grays.

Gray and silver hair has definitely been trending, said Aura Friedman, a senior hair colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York. “The demographic of guys who come to me to stay gray are more comfortable with it,” she said, as opposed to a more natural look.

Going gray and keeping it real is an interest that definitely seems to be up. In fact, a representative from Amazon said it had seen a threefold increase in the last year in customers searching for gray hair dye.

On purposely dying one’s hair gray, “It’s kind of an ironic statement, especially when the wearer is noticeably young and probably years away from natural graying,” said Michael Fisher, creative director of men’s wear at Fashion Snoops, the trend forecasting agency. “It’s just another bold way to stand out from the crowd.”

So the next time you see a few gray hairs, let them be. As they increase in numbers, you will only feel more distinguished and definitely in a league of some leading men who embrace nature taking its course and somehow the wow factor just shooting up!

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