Off with your hot-pants! Middle Eastern modesty goes mainstream

It could be the biggest cover-up in modern fashion history! Celebs have been hanging up their barely-there gowns, opting instead for a genre of dressing newly coined as “modest wear”. It’s becoming one of the industry’s fastest growing sectors with global sales set to be approach $300 BIL by 2020.
Trend, schmend, say we, this is Islamic fashion. This Victorian-esque get-up also appeals to orthodox Christian and Jewish women, but what’s now notable is how full-length skirts, long sleeves, and chin-touching necklines have crossed over to the high street. The big question is: as Westerners copy Middle East modesty, how will conservative Muslims react? Are we all headed to the queen of shapeless apparel, namely the black cloak “gilbab abaya”?!





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