Noor Al-Mosawi Photography-Simple Yet Powerful

By Laraib Hashmi

An inspiring visual artist, 36-year old Noor Al-Mosawi captures the beauty and elegance of Muslim women in everyday life. Amidst being a Toronto-based wedding photographer, Noor uses unique ways to present her visual storytelling.

“The themes I explore in my work vary, but capturing beauty in the everyday is one that I would say has been constant for several years now.” Mosawi said.

Noor incorporates various colored smoke bombs as the model holds an umbrella, Mason jar, or pot. Smoke is wafted in the air like a genie out of a lamp. The Muslim models featured in Mosawi’s photography are standing fringed by the hued vapor in such a fashion, which makes the picture come to life.

“My goal is to contribute positively to the visual narrative surrounding visibly Muslim women.” Mosawi said. She is currently working on Beyond A Label, a portrait series of hijabi women, to accommodate her working procession.

It is exhilarating and inspiring to see photography that is able to present Hijab in this artistic manner and give hijabi women the pleasure of being adorned with this Islamic symbol.

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