Nasrin Ijaz – Sustainable, Modest Performance

By Hana Bushnaq  

Nasrin Ijaz is a British Pakistani designer based in London. Having missed the opportunity for a university education, she returned as a mature student, already married with children. This is when she pursued her dream and the urge to create. On completing her BA studies, her work was spotted by Susan Postlewaite, head of the MA course in London College of Fashion. She was offered a place on the Fashion and the Environment course. This is when things began to fall into place and her hopes of becoming a fashion designer -that she had ever since she was a teenager- started to materialize.

Nasrin is also big on sustainability and thus she decided to employ her fashion ambitions in a way that gave back. She is also very fond of sports and has always maintained some level of fitness in her life. She ran the Hackney Half Marathon in London in 2014. Having been in the realm of fitness, it always was very challenging to find active wear that remained true to her value of modesty. Her go getter mentality didn’t make this stop her. What do you do when you can’t find clothing to your taste? You create your own line!

One source of inspiration for her making this collection was the Palestinian wardrobe as she had a big interest in the region and the cause. So back to the library she went, where she found images of original jewelry and costumes worn by historical women of Palestine. Her prints are also very inspired by Arabic calligraphy especially at Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi that she found mesmerizing.

The line finally came to life as a performance running, cycling and swimming brand. “My collection is for the modest dynamic women of today, especially here in the West; those who want to take part in every aspect of life including sports. It is a combination of sustainability, glamour and modesty.”

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