Muslim Girls Get REAL About Hijabs, Love and Faith! teamed up with Teen Vogue to bring you authentic, fearless, and unapologetic voices on what life is like as a Muslim girl in today’s society. Muslim women have been the center of headlines in corporate news and mainstream media for the past decade — yet, it has rarely been Muslim women doing the talking. As it’s mainly news reporters and commentators that look nothing like us speaking on our behalf, they’ve got the picture all wrong. Watch how real millennial Muslim women are talking back and setting the record straight: On the Hijab: The hijab is the spiritual concept of modesty in Islam. With today’s political climate, it has transformed into a symbol of so much more. While public fascination with Muslim women revolves around the headscarf, our beautiful lives and identities go beyond that. So, what is the hijab and why is it so misunderstood? These Muslim women — some veiled and some not — explain what the hijab means to them. Watch the video here: On Dating: There are some things that Muslim girls are just tired of hearing from boys. From ignorant pickup lines to sexist comments, guys seem to have a lot of assumptions about Muslim women and how they live. Often based on inaccurate misrepresentations of us in the media, boys’ perceptions of us couldn’t be further from the truth. Watch the video here: On Growing Up Muslim in America: The latent Islamophobic sentiment in the post-9/11 era has had a tremendous impact on our identities as Muslim millennial women. Growing up Muslim in America during such a unique moment in our country’s history has really shaped who we are today. We connect with society based on a deep love and appreciation for our faiths and an eager desire to reclaim our identities even in the face of adversity. Watch the full video here: On Facts About Islam: Islam has a rich history of feminism, exploration, and innovation dating back several centuries. The media has represented such a skewed image of our faith, that its positive contributions to society are left out of the picture. But if you listen to how Islam has positively influenced our lives, and yours, you’ll gain a much-needed glimpse into the true meaning and messages behind our religion. So here are some facts about Islam that no one ever told you. Watch the full video here: Source of

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