Moretosee – Fashion to celebrate your roots

By Nawshaba Ahmed

Moretosee – brings you fashion which makes a statement rather than just a splurge! Jessica Febiani, this up and coming, trendy yet sophisticated, stylish designer from Jakarta is a multi-talented genius who is not only a gifted painter but also known for her creative writing skills. Her passion for clothing gave birth to “Moretosee”.

Jessica began designing clothes for her friends and her talent received popular recognition by her fellow teen peers which eventually led her to start a career in fashion design. This is where she was fondly named ‘Jezzy’. Jessica went on to finish high school in Bandung and a double degree in Economics and Information Technology from BINUS University.

Jezzy designs reflect individualism and innovation so that it is not imitated by other people. No two pieces being the same.

The Moretosee Jezzy boutique label is an international brand found across the globe focusing on teen apparel and sassy pieces for women. With a designer collection ranging from clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty cases, this brand knows how to style women effortlessly and make a statement. “Fashion is all about your roots”,  “Let’s celebrate fashion and let’s celebrate our culture” , are some of the brands statements and now we know why.

Shop this elusive brand at the upcoming IFDC Pret A Cover Buyers Lane event later this month in Dubai.

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