Modest Sports Choice

For women who seek modest activewear, an outdoor hike, run or ride can entail tireless shopping sprees at major sports stores and a whole lot of creativity (and luck). Women then resort to inefficient layering, which becomes a burden that takes away from the pleasure of the activity. Now search the choice…Oola!

Oola Sportswear was born out of a need for loose-fitting, performance-driven, modest activewear. Friends Haya Al Ghanim and Amina Ahmadi bonded while training for a Mount Kilimanjaro hike over the difficult time they both had finding sportswear that not only met their hiking needs, but also aligned with their values.

Haya and Amina realized this activewear search hassle was a common issue faced by many more women and they decided to make a difference. The two got back from Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2105 and started building their team. They partnered with Lilian Gabriel Barbosa, a fashion designer with a background in physical therapy, who embraced the challenge of designing a line of activewear that is loose-fitting and stylish, without compromising on fitness performance.

After a long and rigorous process, Oola’s first collection is now ready including various headpieces, tops, jackets and pants.

Some design elements that make Oola sportswear unique:

  • A variety of breathable, loose-fitting, lightweight and water-repellant tops
  • Lightweight, loose-fitting pants
  • Stretch, long, loose-fitting jackets with deep hoods
  • Moisture-absorbent and breathable head covers
  • Head covers utilize snaps to keep in place while maintaining elegance and style (no more difficult pins!)

Oola thrives to promote a healthier lifestyle and make sports and outdoor activities accessible to more women. Their goal is to grow the brand to be the first option women think of for modest activewear and sports hijabs. In Arabic, Oola means “the first”. Oola co-founders strongly believe that every woman goes through her own challenges, circumstances and responsibilities with her determination and strong-will. Every woman is a pioneer, is “an oola”.


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