MODEST MILLENNIALWays to include Millennial pink in wardrobe

By: Avenika Mohan

Do you see the sudden advent of a pastel pink in the market these days?

From clothes, shoes to accessories the shops are flooding with millennial pink these days.

What is millennial pink, you ask?

It’s not just one particular color. It incudes a range of Pantone shades from Rose Quartz and Pale Dogwood to Candy Pink. To put it simply, it is a pink with the blue taken out, which gives the hint of beige and peach.

Why is this Millennial Pink ruling the fashion markets these days?

Pastel pink gained a sudden popularity when Rose Quartz was named Pantone color of the year 2015 but it was still too pink for the millennial craving androgynous fashion. So, when Pale Dogwood was named color of the year 2017, it  was when the ‘Millennial Pink’ wave came about.

If you wish to sport this color creatively, we have some fun ways to include millennial pink in your wardrobe with some of our favorite picks.


  1. Baseball Caps:– Baseball caps are yet another trend that is here to stay, combining it with the millennial pink trend, wear a baseball cap over your hijab for a quirky look.

  1. Sneakers and slides:-Do not shy away from adding some color to your shoes, it adds more interest to any outfit and can prove to be a statement piece used to elevate any basic and plain outfit.

  1. Pink Vintage sunglasses:– Vintage everything is back in vogue. Celebs have been seen sporting thick-rimmed sunglasses with colored lenses. If you want to make a statement, all you need is a pair of vintage sunglasses with millennial pink lenses.

4. Leather and Denim jackets:– Gone are the days of just wearing black leather and blue denim jackets. If you are someone who likes to wear basic clothing, adding color and design to your outerwear is another option to elevate your outfit. Go for the soothing millennial pink to stay on trend.

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