Modest fashion speaks individuality!

Modest fashion has taken the fashion world by storm these past few years. More and more people including Muslims, non-Muslims and even celebrities are embracing this fashion movement. Modest fashion has become a very “trendy” fashion topic that is growing tremendously, especially on social media. The beauty of modest fashion is not only that it resembles rich cultural elements, it is also about individuality and uniqueness. Although there may be well-known influencers in the modest fashion industry, it is different from mainstream fashion because everyone has their own style and inspires others in different ways with their unique fashion choices.

Kate Middleton Hijab

It took a bit of time for the mainstream fashion industry to finally realize they were not catering to a very significant market, the modest fashion market. This gave modest fashionistas even more reason to be innovative with their fashion and style. Fashion bloggers and Instagrammers sharing their styles on their platforms are bringing some twist to the traditional modest fashion wear. Some modest fashion bloggers were asked during an interview with PaperMag what are the rules are when it comes to dressing modestly, and they responded:

Hana Tajima

“That depends on each and every individual. Within modest fashion there isn’t a fixed look, and generally the style varies between individuals, which is also the case for non-Muslim fashion bloggers. Although the practicing Hijab does mean certain guidelines such as loose fitting clothing and avoiding attire that will reveal the form of the body”. From

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Modest Fashionistas are coming up with new styles to wear their clothes so that they look chic and not boring. Additionally, hijabs are now styled in a number of ways that were not known before. They are also no longer the traditional black hijab but they are coming in different colorful styles with prints. Hana Tajima, a designer who launched her collection in collaboration with Uniqlo came up with a different style hijab and shows how you can blend traditional and fashionable styles. Another modest fashionista who puts a twist into her style is Adi Heyman who started mixing up vintage pieces with modern pieces to create unique and chic looks. When she was young she had a hard time finding dressing that was modest yet stylish. All the modest clothes were for older women and herself as a young girl growing up in the West the market was not able to provide for her. She is now catching the attention of the media for her mix and chic style that is different from everyone else’s

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The aspect of tradition and culture also brings out some sense of individuality that is commendable when it comes to modest fashion. Different designers are bringing new styles to the traditional fashion we know. The traditional Arabic dress and the classic Abaya, that is normally just black and simple is now coming in numerous colors, designs and accessories to go with it. The head scarf is not only tied draping over the head and around the neck, it is now tied in turbans and other unique stylish ways.

Adi Heyman

Unlike in the mainstream fashion world, the modest fashion wearers are coming up with styles they know and fashion that best suit them and their needs. Even the designers in modest fashion, most who dress modestly or come from such communities, are coming up with beautiful exclusive styles.

Non Traditional Abaya

To conclude, modest fashion can be unique and beautiful. A contribution from the internet and social media has a lot to do with to the modest fashion market and because the trend is fairly new, there are still lots to be discovered about modesty and the fashion industry.

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