As time passes, the modest fashion trend is being subjected to an unstoppable and energetic diffusion throughout the mainstream media. This is not just a temporary tendency that could fade away as time passes; this is a social and cultural revolutionary movement that has influenced lives of thousands of individuals who found themselves involved in the industry, either as customer or as workers.

From women who have used the web 2.0 to give a voice to their necessity of finding a balance between modesty and fashion, by suggesting and promoting creative personalized combinations of clothing, to becoming a billion dollar worth industry, this trend it’s getting higher recognition by being embraced by the rest of the world through its representation by mainstream media.

Recently Buzzfeed has created an edgy and innovative documentary that has reporters dealing with a variety of arguments of their interests, like health, sports, cultures and technology, all presented in unique and educational ways. One of the episodes of this series called “Covered Up Couture” presents the journalist Bim Adewumni exploring the diverse aspects of the modest fashion world to demonstrate the economic and social relevance of a women-driven billion dollars’ worth industry and to show how the concept of modesty in itself varies from one individual to another. 

Throughout the episode she interacts with some of the most important figures of the industry, like Lisa Vogl, founder of the modest fashion brand Verona Collection, Reina Lewis who is a professor in the London College OF Fashion and has written books regarding the modest fashion phenomenon like Modest Fashion: Styling Bodies, Mediating Faith and Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Culture, and also participated at the Toronto’s Modest Fashion and Design Festival. 

It is worth mentioning that modest fashion is a style that goes beyond the religious dress code. 

In fact, the industry also has customers of other faiths or women who simply want to dress modestly for other various reasons, and the episode hasn’t forgotten to mention that as the reporter has also spoken to Emily Smith who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is a modest fashion blogger with 24,000 followers on Instagram (@modestgoddess). 


\Modest fashion industry has an immense social significance that goes way beyond business, and has also represented a space that unites women from all kinds of faith by gaining the quality as an inclusive industry.  




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