Modest Fashion for Men – The Perfect Pair of Jeans for a Modest Lifestyle

By Silvia Ullah

Since jeans were first patented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873, they have been worn by millions of individuals around the world and have become a core staple for men’s modest fashion. However, even though these denim pieces are common all over the world, it still seems to be a mission to find the perfect pair of jeans for each individual. And the perfect fit is critical for men to truly nail modest fashion and live a modest lifestyle. 

 The fitting and shape vary based on body type and occasion and each person needs to know the measure of their waist, hips, and type of body build in order to find a pair of jeans that tick all the boxes. 

There are different main categories of jeans types based on their fitting: 

Skinny: Skin fit jeans have gained huge mainstream fashion popularity around the world since 2011, but they have been present since the 50’s when they were attributed to country and rock and roll singers like Elvis Presley and later in the 70’s by becoming a symbolic piece of the teddy boy look. These type of jeans are tight but not skin-tight, have a tapered opening, and are generally low to mid-rise. They are perfect for men with athletic figures that are not too muscular.

Skinny jeans (by Esquire)

Slim: Tailored but not too tight, slimmer though the thigh with a narrow leg opening, they are comfortable and stylish and can give a younger vibe to anybody who wears them, though they are best suitable for men with athletic bodies. 

Slim Jeans (by Esquire)

Regular: These type of jeans will give an old-school vibe to anybody who wants to channel a Steve McQueen.  

They are generally mid-rise with a larger leg opening than the skinny and slim ones; they give a bit of space to the hips and thighs but not too much and their traditional fit is perfect for any body type! 

Relaxed: These are the perfect pair if you want a mixture of comfort and casual. They have a loose and relaxed cut without being too tight for the bodyThey are ideal for men with hips that are wider than their waist as it will help get a casual and relaxed appearance. But they can also be worn by athletic and muscular men as their simplicity is versatile for any kind of figure. 

Loose: They have been present since the 60’s in the counterculture scenes, from hippie and disco to the hip-hop culture in 2000’s. Loose jeans have a baggy fit and are very spacious for thighs and legs, which make them extremely comfortable and are perfect for men with large hips and waist.  

The perfect pair of jeans will vary based on comfort, style, body type and occasions, and because there is a wide variety of choice in the market, finding the right pair becomes a difficult task. But once we get to know our measurements and body shape, it will be easier for to find the pair that would be perfectly fitting and satisfying to the body and the eyes.     

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