Modest fashion for business

By Senka Ali

What makes the perfect outfit for the modest businesswomen?

While in our day to day life we may like our floral dresses, halal ribbed jeans and bold accessories, when it comes to business, we have to express ourselves in a more subtle way.

As employees we mostly want to fit in, do our job and succeed in our career. Having a clearly communicated dress code makes us look, not only professional but also well informed.

Depending on your office environment or what kind of company you work for, certain looks and colors will be appropriate

The Traditional Business Attire

For the traditional business look you can’t go wrong with a dark color pants or a straight line maxi skirt, solid color, nude or black hijab tone and subtle makeup. An elegant watch and your favorite ring, additional to a briefcase and closed leather shoes will be enough to express your personality yet does it fit into the traditional environment.

Stockings or socks are required in any season.

The smart casual office attire

While the traditional environment requires a certain set of colors, in a smart casual environment you can play with lighter shades, like light gray, all shades of blue, white and also details in poppy red or orange.

You can wear a solid color blouse with a relaxed jacket, a straight or flared skirt and style it up with a colorful, but not too bold hijab. A straight line maxi dress with a vest or a modern cut kimono Abaya goes very well into the smart casual office scheme.

A good idea is also to add a modern watch and some statement jewelry on Simple outfit.

Be ready to have a few traditional items as they might be required for meetings and business client visits.

The casual office attire

Amina Ajanovic

If you are lucky enough to work in a casual work environment, you might not need a totally different work and every day wardrobe.

Surely you will not come in your sports clothes or the sweatshirt with the small stain you would wear to the supermarket. Casual environment has the main focus on comfort during your working day, so the smart choice is to wear something which won’t be wrinkled after a long day at office and also to leave your killer heels at home. The light Abaya you love to wear with your favorite floral hijab in the summer is a great idea, a pair of great cut pants and a long shirt give you coverage and comfort in long summer days. For the winter it can be your wool skirt and a dressy sweater and a great pair of boots.

The most important thing is that your clothes are clean and pressed as well a your hijab.

Outfit choices for creatives

Esma Hodzic

It might sound easy and fun to dress for the creative jobs as the corporate dress rules don’t apply, but it might be tricky to keep the line between professional and cool.

You can’t go wrong with a white shirt dress paired with colorful shoes and a matching hijab, or wear your pink and red head to toe combination and be the breath of fresh air in the office.

Choose an oversized blazer with a floral dress for a feminine look that still means business. Depending on your mood, the possibilities are endless.

While there is plenty of choices when it comes to work wear, the key to the perfect outfit is organization. Keep matching outfits ready and ironed, your shoes clean and your accessories well sorted. That will save you time in the morning and ensure you always look and feel professional, no matter in what kind of work environment you work.


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