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Evolution is what we strive on. We love to anticipate what’s around the corner, and at times even steal the spotlight and create the next new thing everyone will be talking about. So is the fashion world, full of trends that come and go, resurface or die off to be snickered at while flipping through old yearbooks. Yes, unfortunately our moms did wear that. Such evolution is at its peak time as Muslim fashion is invading the fashion industry head strong, creating and appropriating looks to inspire those all around the world. Even as I scroll through various blogs, Instagram accounts or abuse my Tumblr with reblogs, I wonder. I wonder what the impact of such an open Muslim Fashion industry and community would have been a few years ago; when I was younger and wasn’t sure how to blend my values with my strong fashion interest. However, here we stand with more inspirational figures than ever, showing us that us ‘hijabis’ can look fierce too. We can take the current trends and make them our own, expressing ourselves in ways that can shatter the heavy stereotypes hanging above our heads. It is simply a question of ingenuity, of willingness to break boundaries and stand out from the crowd. To all the younger generation, my current generation and the ones to come: your non-Muslims friends aren’t the only ones who can rock the ripped jeans, the latest Nike sneakers or that baseball cap you really like. You can keep up with the latest trends all the while staying true to your modesty, and we’ll show you just how! T H E  R I P P E D  J E A N For a long time, ripped jeans were something to avoid at all costs. Of course, skin is not be shown, and so no matter how cool they looked, ripped jeans just couldn’t be worked into our wardrobe. Or perhaps some of us didn’t quite dare to. To the left Maria Alia can be seen sporting all sorts of denim (and still pulling it off impeccably), noticeably displaying the newest trend in ripped jeans: the knee slits. Wearing a legging under the jean – either white like Maria or skin colored – prevents accidental skin showing and actually adds dimension to whatever look you happen to be going for. Most importantly, it adds individuality. ifdc T H E  S N E A K E R Myself being a slight sneaker head but all the whilst always wanting to elevate my outfit to more than a simple jean and t-shirt, I turn to the power of layering. By layering, one can still enjoy their sporty side add a little bit of class. This can be a little trickier for those who are more comfortable in maxi skirts and dresses, but paired with the right top or jacket, the two worlds can come together perfectly. Both looks are shown below. ifdc feature 6   T H E  B A S E B A L L  C A P Admittedly being a skeptic of this look, the way some girls have been pulling off the hijab and baseball combo has officially thrown me on the bandwagon. Not only is it a welcome change to be able to change up the way you cover your hair, it is a cool summer look that will both protect you from the sun and give your look an entirely new attitude. Sally Ashour, fashion enthusiast demonstrates how to pair a Nike baseball cap with the perfect fabric hijab, using a pale pallet to tie the look together with subtle finesse – and the result is beautifully bold! ifdc T H E  T U R B A N Of course, I cannot overlook the the root of it all, what every Muslim woman tends to gravitate her outfits around: the hijab. Worn differently all around the globe, different women use different methods of wrapping her hijab to create a certain look, to fit her personality; just as everything else, the way on woman wears her hijab can evolve and vary through her years. One look that is definitely nothing new, but is regaining much popularity is the turban. In fact, the turban itself has been displayed on women in 17th century paintings, and used in fashion again in the 20th century by various designers from Paul Poiret to Jennifer Ouellette who uses her own spin off version. This goes to say, the turban has been here and is unlikely to go anywhere any time soon; besides, it is a great summer time options. One of our current queens of the turban has to be non other than Dina Torkia. Her technique is yet one that I have been able to master, but I am among many who lust after her impeccable color matching and layering, her turban style hijab always playing a central role to her looks. These four trends are only four of many that girls and women of Muslim faith have incorporated into their fashion sense, keeping true to the roots of their values, but leaving out any fear of standing out by making things their own. ifdc No matter whether you are an up and coming blogger, or simply love to keep your Instagram page updated with the latest looks you’ve created, there is always opportunity to take what is currently trending, and bring it to new heights. What will you create next? Hanna Sow. The sources of the pictures as well as their owners are linked to the following Instagram accounts: @mariaalia @sallyomo @dinatokio

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