Minnow Zola- Melbourne Born Eclecticism

modest fashion

By Qashish Dhiraj Mehta 

It is about time for Fashion to experience a ‘coming of age’.  It feels as though there are a million fashion trends making rounds at fashion weeks around the globe. The ever-emerging Instagram influencers add to that by creating a sense of compulsory following to never ending fashion crazes. It is time that people made informed choices with fashion sensibilities that speak of their values and belief systems.  

In a cloud of designer brands, there is one that is taking fashion to ground breaking paths; Minnow Zola. This is a Melbourne based modest fashion brand that creates clothes for women based on their values. The brand explores the ways in which fashion can be a force for good through sustainable practices, ethical production methods and the socio-economic advancement of women. They swear by sustainable fabrics and premium production techniques to create high quality, long lasting garments.  

Minnow Zola designs for smart, free spirited, goal oriented, fun women who empower other women. The brand’s upcoming collection is to watch out for. It is inspired by the modern modest woman and the unique role she plays in the fashion landscape. The collection is an eclectic mix of layering different fabrics and mixing patterns in a puzzle form to add a breath of fresh air to basic garments. It is very wearable as well as fashion-forward, keeping in mind a woman’s personal style.  

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