Miella – Accessibly Fun Modest Wear

By Hana Bushnaq

Getting on the Miella website is like eyeing pieces of candy at a candy store. Bursts of color, geometric shapes and a happy young vibe all over. There is a boldness in the air, yet the clothing remains very modest. The pieces also exude a very international feel with no obvious ethnic influences visible. The collections are very modestly cosmopolitan, which in turn makes the brand come across as very modern. This applies as well, to clothing that is more Islamic than modest, such as Miella’s abaya collection. This comes across very naturally, whereby one doesn’t seem to notice the modern first, and the Islamic second. It is easily taken in, easily digestible, as if the option of modern modest clothing were there all along.

It feels as if this is the H&M of the Islamic world. The prices are very H&M too. This is in line with Miella’s core values. The brand was born from a desire to contribute positively to improving the quality of life of women around the world. They firmly believe that finding clothes that reflect your set of values shouldn’t be a chore. They state that you don’t need to shop at five different shops to create a look, or to have to stock from winter collections, simply because you can’t find anything to wear in the summer! I for one have seen many a friend do that, or even convert a dress to a top because no one seemed to create clothing with the modest, trendy woman in mind. This woman has long been so thirsty for ensemble shopping made easy, and this is what Miella is all about.

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