Marc Jacobs Enchanted by Modest Fashion

Laraib Hashmi

Marc Jacobs Ready-To-Wear 2018 spring collection kicks off on the runway during New York Fashion Week this month. It offered a variety of fashion styles. What was interesting is that along with the retro style looks, vibrant colors and that long Egyptian winged eyeliner, his runway models were wearing hijab-like wraps.

Each head covering was distinctive to match the outfit, it was nothing but exaggerated yet fabulous.

Ayana Ife, the first hijabi designer to be on the show ‘Project Runway’, posted on Instagram tagging Marc Jacobs and commented: “Your hijabs this past fashion week were pretty. Are you attempting to normalize the hijab? As a hijabi and designer I have personal feelings towards it, and modest fashion in general. I’d love to Collaborate with you.” Ife said.

As Ife mentioned, attempting to normalize hijab would be a positive occurrence for modest fashion as the industry continues to grow. When huge brands such as Marc Jacobs adopt hijab-friendly designs, this means that Hijabi women have presented an image of themselves that is anything but oppressed.

The collection consisted mostly of oversized outfits from track pants and dresses, to cardigans, coats and jumpsuits. Accompanied by each outfit were silk turbans designed by Stephan Jones. Some of the designs were layered, a look very common for modest wear, with variations of vibrant colors for the spring.

All of the models’ outfits were adorned with turban style headscarves that were eye-popping accessories along with the statement necklaces and beaded waist belts. The collection was certainly an exotic treat for the eyes!

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2018

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