Maaida Noor

Maaida Noor is an emerging British Muslim artist. She’s taking the art world by storm from winning an award to exhibiting for royalty. Her gestural abstracts are an exploration of culture, both personal and shared. Maaida’s works are extremely thought inspiring; she is motivated by a number of themes of rich Islamic heritage and reflections of humanity resulting in powerful artworks.

Women, beauty, and power.

Colour and emotion play an important role in Maaida’s work. Emotion guides positive feelings into her paintings, whilst passion derived from her influences seeks to lead Maadia to express strong beliefs and roots on canvas. Inspired by Islamic scripture, Maaida uses the verses to create efficacious messages.

Maaida broadly applies calligraphy throughout her artwork. Calligraphy being one of the main artistic practises in Islamic art can symbolise both beauty and poetry within the same reflection. Her muses from abstract and colours are created to explore different techniques. With the stillness and beauty of her artwork Maaida aims to invite viewers to deep rooted dialogue about humanity, positivity and peace.

Maaida has been featured in many publications and has exhibited for HRH Crown Prince of Malaysia, HRH Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan and HRH Princess Badiyah of Jordan. She recently won arts and culture awareness for 2017

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