Loretta Caponi – Nightwear and Home from the Heart of Florence


By Hana Bushnaq

The Florentine shop itself is a feast for the eyes, with its frescoed vaulted ceilings, paintings, large hardwood floorboards and a charming winter garden. One can only envision beautiful things coming out of this place. Draping yourself in a bespoke silk robe with customized embroidery is sure to inspire images of manicured Italian lawns and make you feel privileged to witness some great heritage passing. It will leave you feeling regal, for Loretta Caponi is a brand fit for kings and queens.  

Women collections are characterized by being extremely feminine, with soft shapes and floral motifs. They swathe you in a way that screams comfort. Men’s robes are strangely equally masculine, though with colors such as fiery red and materials such as satin and velvet. They imply pampered manliness, as opposed to raw, unrefined masculinity. When it comes to home collections, more than 20,000 embroidery designs and housewear linens including bedding sets, plaids, cashmere blankets, table cloths, table mats and towels were made. The house collections are always made the way the clients ask, matching their house’s furniture and color palette. Evert creation is made to order, then filed with the client’s personal data all the way to the type of thread used, to guarantee uniqueness. Loretta Caponi employs a strict definition of craftsmanship; the act of never repeating oneself. This in turn requires a strong drive to come up with shapes and patterns, always determined to create something new.

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