Le BHV / Marais – Connecting Designers and Consumers


By Nawshaba Ahmed

The change has begun, and antiquated fashion needs to be disrupted. Le BHV/Marais, the internationally revered brand has consolidated efforts to present modest fashion in a radical way.  

 Le BHV/Marais is just not just a name, but a history of legacy which has crossed unfathomable strides to become one of the trendiest modern and urban establishments. Born in 1856 and located near many famous monuments in Paris, the store offers a space full of life, discovery and rich experience.  Be it fashion, beauty, home, kitchen, or even creating hobbies, this list is endless. Le BHV/Marais gives you a chance to explore and present yourself the way you have never been able to envisage. 

 In the United Arab Emirates, the Le BHV/Marais is spread over two floors covering 6,000 square meter . With its strategic location in the heart of Dubai within CITY WALK, it recreates the beautiful vision of the Parisian flagship. It recently partnered with ADMIC, one of the fastest growing multi-format retail operators in the Middle East. Together, they are a force to reckon with and will bring about the much needed change in old fashion and set new trends for Muslim women.

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