Latest Menswear Trend: White Sneakers

  White sneakers have become a key piece of every man’s wardrobe. A crisp white pair of sneakers can be worn with jeans, chinos or even a trendy suit. Brands like Lanvin, Valentino and Tom Ford all added trendy sneakers to their menswear collections a few seasons ago and since then, “street stylers” have been making the trend their own in very creative ways. From a stylist point of view, here are some suggestions on how to keep your white sneakers fashionable and your look “on fleek”!

  • Keep them clean: It doesn’t matter how cool your sneakers are, the effect will be lost if they’re not spick-and-span. Proper sneaker maintenance includes washing the laces, eliminating odours, brushing the outsoles, and using shoe trees and sneaker shields.
  • Before you buy, make sure white sneakers will suit your current wardrobe: What good does it do to buy the latest style if it doesn’t suit your style? Don’t hop on the trend train just because it’s passing through.
  • Let the sneakers do the talking: These are statement shoes and if you tone your look down and keep it focused on your kicks, they will get noticed and you will get compliments on being super stylish!

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