Lady Behind The Lens – AT Films

By Madiha Ajaz

The talented duo of Ala Hamdan and Tareq Bader merged their award-winning filmmaking experience under the production house of AT Films. They both graduated from the New York Film Academy and founded AT Films in 2016, after each achieving great successes in their professional lives. AT Films’ work has been inspiring its viewers by focusing on topics such as social justice, women empowerment, modest fashion, human rights, refugees as well as tourism. Some of their projects that were targeted for social media were viewed more than 5 million times. Being an expert in their field, AT Films has also been conducting extensive filmmaking workshops around the globe, including US, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey among others.

While Tareq Bader has an experience of more than 8 years, Ala Hamdan has received various national and international awards for her work. Ms. Ala was also selected as a jury member of international film festivals held in France and Istanbul this year. Her passion for what she does with her camera reflects in her work. Her web series about her travel stories entitled “While in… “ has been a great success too. With her outstanding skills with camera, she has proven to be a versatile filmmaker.

Moreover, the world of modest fashion is something Ms. Ala feels passionate about as well. According to her, modest fashion is much more than the clothes that we choose we wear.
Hence, she wants to play a role in raising awareness about what it truly is. Working with heavy gear and high budget projects didn’t take away her fondness towards modest fashion trends. Being a media sponsor for IFDC Pret-A-Cover, AT Films is further ensuring that the modest fashion trends receive the limelight they deserve.

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