Know your Trench Coats This Winter

Some countries are lucky enough to move into summer, but South Africa is getting ready for warm winter coats and cold rainy days which is why I would like to give you some insight on everyone’s favorite winter item – the trench coat. The trench coat is a classic wardrobe staple and there are many different ways to wear this garment .It’s an item that you can pull out year after year without ever having to worry about it going out of style. The trench coat is ideal for transitioning between seasons and looks great worn with a range of different outfits. When it comes to ways to wear a trench coat, you can’t beat the classic black trench version for a range of styling options. Black is a staple basic and can look great with something as simple as classic dress. You could easily wear variations of this outfit and still be in style year in and year out. Keeping the coat, shoes and dress in similar colour tones to help pull this look together. It’s the kind of outfit that’s ideal for hitting the city streets for a busy day of meetings or simple for a day of shopping.

Type of Trench Coats:

Short Trench Coat: The length of these coats reaches just above the hips and is advisable for women with short stature since the short trenches make them visually appear taller. However, if you are short with broad hips, avoid wearing short trench coats as well as it can accentuate your hips and make them appear wider. ifdc Medium Length Trench Coat: It comes to be the classic variant of trench coats and this very trench coat length was used for attiring the British forces during the war years. This length benefits almost every body shape and height, coming to be the ideal variant for short and curvy women. Tall women can also choose medium length trench coats combined with anything trendy and body hugging. ifdc Long Trench Coat: It goes without saying that long trenches are in no way for short women. However, if you aspire wearing a long trench while being a petite girl, it is strongly recommended to choose the length a little bit below the knee and of course, to wear high heels to add some height. As for tall women, long trenches will definitely give you grandeur and royalty. ifdc Trench Coat with Wide Lapels: This type of trench coat can work perfectly for petite girls if they want to somehow hide their slim complexion, while plus size women should undeniably stay away from this design. ifdc Trench Coat with Flaring Hems and Medium Length: This is a style excellent for ladies with hourglass figure and long athletic legs. ifdc Denim and Faux Leather Trench Coat: Such trendy pieces are often seen with length below or above the knee and are suitable for every lady depending on her individual preferences.

10 ways to wear a trench coat.

  1. How to wear a trench coat perfectly? The fit is crucial, make sure the shoulders are not too wide, and the sleeves are not too long. Also make sure the lapels are suitable with your body shape, nothing too over-sized.
  2. If you’re wearing a cute dress and want to show it off, make sure to wear a trench coat by tying the trench coats belt in the back.
  3. With a pair of jeans and a sweater, you can wear a trench coat by tying your belt in the front, in an effortless knot for that laid-back effect.
  4. A great way on how to wear a statement trench coat is to let it be the main focus of your outfit, just wear it over a little black dress, buckle it up to the top, and make sure to wear statement shoes to finish off your look.
  5. Trench coats are not only available in basic beige or nude colors; don’t be afraid to try out a new color such as pastels, burgundy or navy.
  6. Do you have a tiny shape and always wondered how to wear a trench coat? In case you’re petite, your trench coat needs to be short, maximum at knee-length, and not any longer than that.
  7. Avoid wearing double breasted trench coats if you have a full bust, they’ll add more width to your upper body part.
  8. The perfect way to wear a trench coat is to rock the street style stars’ go-to look and place the trench coat over your shoulders, just like a cape.
  9. Trench coats can work for evenings too; just pair it with a lace dress and a pair of heels. However, make sure fabric of the trench coat looks sophisticated so you can pull off the look in style!
  10. If you’re heading out on a rainy day, it’s best to wear your trench coat with leather leggings and a pair of riding boots.


Article Written exclusively for IFDC by Saarahjasmin Nwajei


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