Jimmy Choo, Nancy Yeoh, Alia Khan, Noraini Ahmad Inaugurate Modestyle in Malaysia.

Ribbon Cutting at Modestyle

MATRADE of Malaysia has every reason to be pleased with the great success of the recent Malaysia Fashion Week. The national trade promotion agency did a tremendous job in seeing a grand vision to fruition. Stylo, the event organizer, ensured an experience to remember leaving fans eager for more!

Jimmy Choo, Honorary Advisor for Malaysia Fashion Week, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Co-chairman of Malaysia Fashion Week and President of STYLO International, MATRADE’s Chairman Dato Noraini Ahmad, and Alia Khan Founder and Chairwoman of Islamic Fashion and Design Council inaugurated an exciting component of Malaysia Fashion Week to showcase modest wear designers called Modestyle.

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Malaysia is a notable market when it comes to modest wear. According to Moslema In Style co-founder Emy Yuzliza Yahya, some five million Muslim women in the country cover their heads and dress modestly that is 16% of Malaysia’s population that dresses modestly. She added that in their database, they have 500 hijab and Muslim fashion brands. Moreover, Malaysian entrepreneurs in the modest fashion industry such as Sumayyah Nasaruddin of Love to Dress, a modest fashion retail have reported a significant rise in their revenues over the past two years which means that the market is growing and demand is on the rise. Therefore, with the position of the Malaysian market, Modestyle is an exciting initiative with tremendous potential.

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