It’s a Wrap! How to Tie a Turban in 5 Steps

The current circumstances do not make it easy for us to find occasions for which we can dress up and enjoy fashion the way we would normally do. Therefore, it is even more important to not let boredom rule our daily outfits and instead wrap ourselves in colorful clothing pieces which cheer up the mood and let us feel strong and bright. Giving us confidence and happiness is the power that fashion contains. For example, when a colorful turban wrapped around the head, raises your mood to match the colours, you have now just invited spring into your psyche. Designer Paul Poiret demonstrated in 1910 how stylish and upbeat this headwear can be as it perfectly supplements your joy.


It is not even necessary to buy one, as a turban can easily be created with nothing more than a large square scarf from your closet. By doing so, you follow the Do It Yourself trend which has experienced an increase in terms of popularity during the last year – while spending time at home you can be creative and sustainable at the same time.


The following 5 steps show how you upcycle your scarf into a turban:

  1. Tie your hair in a bun or ponytail.
  2. Fold the scarf in half into a triangle.
  3. Lay it on your head with the center point of the triangle facing forward and the sides hanging down on the left and right side of your head.
  4. Check that your hair is covered, take both sides of the scarf, bring them to your forehead and twist them twice to create a knot.
  5. Bring both sides to your neck, tie them tight and put all the loose ends under the turban.

After you are done you can combine the turban with every piece of clothing you want but here is a styling tip: Depending on the appearance of the turban you want,  let it be the star of your look and choose an outfit with simple colors.


Written by Miriam Chisti

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