Islamic Finder – The Ultimate Go To In Making Life Simpler

Maryam Ismail

This year, Islamic Finder is an official sponsor of the upcoming IFDC Pret-a-Cover Buyers Lane modest fashion week event in Dubai this month. We are honored to have on board the support of this long time go-to site for Muslims worldwide.

Islamic Finder has been around for perhaps nearly two decades, which is almost a century in Internet years. It is a one stop shop for Islamic information and useful services from date converter to mosque locator to seeing how much zakat you need to pay.

Want to know the Hijri (islamic) date for your birthday or when will the first day of Ramadan be? Islamic Finder is the place to go. That’s not all.  One can also look up prayer times around the world, find a local masjid, qibla (prayer) direction and so much more. For those planning to make Umrah (optional pilgramage to the islamic holy land), there is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process. It contains a map, terms, and special prayers that you should do.

The website also has a mobile app which is helpful while doing essential tasks in the life of any Muslim. One such is the annual zakat (obligatory charity every adult needs to give to the poor once a year based on what he owns) one would need to pay. With the Islamic Finder Zakat Calculator, one can total up his/her assets: gold, silver, property and cash minus your debts and liabilities. It will then determine whether or not you qualify to pay zakat. Convienience at the touch of a few bottoms.

Allah loves beauty and with Islamic Finder you can beautify your laptop or mobile screens with beautiful Islamic art coupled by duas, reminders, and greetings in the gallery section to use for yourself or share with friends and family.

Islamic Finder is really an absolute essential for every Muslim. It makes life so much easier and simpler.

Do you have the app already??? If not you really do need to download it.

Make use of technology to simplify Islamic lifestyle in this fast pace world.

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