Isabella Caposano – Stitching Together Dreams

By Maryam Ismail

An Atelier of Dreams

One of the most fascinating exhibitions at that famous American port of entry Ellis Island, is the clothing exhibit. Their collection of clothing left by immigrants to America made during the end of 19th century, reminds us that our present world of fast fashion, wasn’t always the case and that the alternative; carefully hand-created clothing made with a special person in mind, was the norm of the day. It might be surprising for some to know that these traditions of hand crafted detail, delicate embroidery and elaborate stitching can still be found in the mountains of Italy.

Italian designer, Isabella Caposano has held on to the traditional craft of dressmaking. Her designs are hand crafted Haute Couture that is not limited by her boundless imagination and based on the needs of her clients. Working out of her studio in the Italian Apennine Mountains on the Adriatic Sea, she takes her inspiration from the calmness of her surroundings. Those majestic mountains help her imagine the epics of Rome, Troy, and Peloponnesian Islands; where tales were told of women who were treasured and worthy of launching entire wars over. Those women did it with style, never missing a chance to be impeccably dressed. When it comes to Isabella however, there is a touch of contemporary. Her elegent dresses and nudes are reminiscent of early 20th century French style.

From elegant gowns to fairy tale bridal dresses, there are many dreams to dream.

You dream it and she creates it, just for you. This kind of unique atelier is the perfect fit for the Islamic Fashion Design Council’s Pret-A-Cover, Buyers Lane Event on March 28-April 2nd.

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