Is the West Morally Superior or Intolerant?

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So, you know, I like listening to Candace Owens right? I think she’s really smart. And she really gets things I like the way she thinks through stuff may not necessarily agree with everything she has to say. And I think she does definitely have her own biases. But I guess like we all do, but it comes out from time to time but I do like listening to her. Do you think you’re warmed up to her since since you’ve known me and you’ve been forced to listen to her we were in the car together.

I was surprised that she was so clear minded on many subjects. Very courageous, in my opinion to address some of those. So she doesn’t mince words. I don’t think she addresses all issues. addressed. She has limits because she’s operating on. But it’s possible that she’s blinded to some aspects of the questions. It’s like a Black Lives Matter documentary. didn’t address anything beyond the owners of the Black Lives Matter organization. I know that was interesting and it was very interesting to me. Is it? Is it because she doesn’t want to investigate these forms people writing or is it because she just censored or the country which I would understand?

Yeah, I agree. She could have done a bit of a deeper dive and she could have gone to the people behind the actual front people of Black Lives Matter because you know that the money came from a source for the agenda, which she pointed out very well what the agenda was, and I really appreciated her investigative journalism, expertise. She’s great in that, but she didn’t go far

enough. and so we’re always operating with the media and knows the media knows perfectly. you can take any organization in the world today. you can take a donkey basically and use the donkey has the support of the media. they don’t he gets elected president. So if Black Lives Matter has so much support on the demonstrations everywhere. worldwide, it’s because there was a strong support by the owners of the media. They are not the owners of Black Lives Matters organization.

Exactly, exactly. There was huge money behind that BLM Movement and what she uncovered really dive leave us with food for thought it really does make us think about, what was that all about because we knew it was about everything but black lives. mattering based on just some of the the achievements that that they attained through their existence.

There’s so much digging that needs to be done. There is a former secretary, Undersecretary of housing, the former Bush senior administration, gets to sit fees and pointed out that all the demonstrations that were violently producing fires in some cities in the US the empty streets were all earmarked for redevelopment and material to destroy these streets and stores. The stones are well positioned. I saw that

I saw that in another documentary that wherever the BLM protests were those but that’s interesting. What you told me is new, though, that they were already earmarked for destruction and for renovation, so they kind of needed to be destroyed,

to drive the price down to buy it back for $10 according to plans that were pre pre determined

unbelievable you know, we’re living in a world especially I think, more so today than then in the previous generations where we just really do have to question everything. It’s sad that that is the reality but it’s, it’s definitely what I’ve observed over these last couple of years. So I was listening to one of her episodes earlier, I think yesterday and she was talking about Qatar and I thought she raised some interesting points. And she starts with talking about the horseshoe theory, which basically charts the similarities between the right and the left and she feels that sometimes, obviously, those lines can blur easily and overlap even when there’s like a common sort of nationalistic agenda. And when it comes to their so called American values, she really does ask those tough questions. So she mentioned that both sides have a problem with countries that implement Sharia law. And and she says worth can be pretty hypocritical, because of some of the laws that they impose or some of those human rights that they oversee. First of all, I take exception to the fact that Sharia law is something that we should sort of condemn or we should put on an equally sort of, you know, platform attack as we do. Those that have hypocritical laws and ideologies. So off the bat, I think just attacking Sharia law, in general is is problematic.

I think people are mixing two things to Sharia law. So the principles and the implementation of the principles and let’s say the, the corruption very often of the judicial system and because the judicial system is broken, they attack the law. Right. So the law in general, the Sharia was developed according to principles that you you try to interpret into implement according to certain conditions. And many of the thoughts of implementing these principles were done by wonderful people in a certain historical context. And it’s possible that today, the solutions they propose that were valid in their context would not be implemented the same way today, right since we have lost the unifying factor, which is the Khalifa there’s no more authority that can just say, Okay, this is the way it is. And you say the Sharia law

has adapted itself over time.

I don’t think so.

The people that are imposing it, yes, there is this idea

that probably along the Mongol invasions of the Middle East in the 13th century, the gates, tennis and many Muslims are taking this idea. The doors of the HD hardware closed, meaning that all the potential of Australia was expressed, and now was the time to close all this interpretation doors, so that any committees

that that would want to take take an aspect of Sharia to implement it for that. They were to close on that.

All the thinkers, and even the founders of the four schools of law. They all said Well, according to our knowledge of the Quran, of the Hadith, you know, the Sunnah, this is the solution we come up with, but don’t follow me if you don’t agree with me, meaning that they never said that. They had divine knowledge but this Surya solution would be eternally true for whatever it is, they’re understanding in that moment, and they were very powerful people intellectually, and the

tools that their means. Religious tools, the Scriptures, the Hadith, just the simple example.

We can give you the middle age, if you are in a city, or in the principle of Sharia is that women should be protected. And if they get out of the house, they shouldn’t be in harm’s way. Right? All right. So in a context where crime is everywhere, rate stealing attacks, as it was the case, there was no security out of the house. Then these people said okay, Sharia means implementation of correct Sharia means that the woman should never leave her house, except if she’s accompanied by your husband or brother or member of a family, right changes the original

intention. The intention is, the intention

is to protect people. The implementation of this principle of prediction is this and it’s correct. But now in a city where law and order exists, and security becomes an oppression. Because not the woman cannot just go out at 11am When there’s absolutely no risk of being attacked. But she cannot do it without a father brother and this becomes an oppression right? So would you agree that

there are some Gulf states that do implement Sharia in a fair and balanced way? I lived in Dubai, as you know, for years and years, and I think they had a pretty good respect for the Islamic adherence to day to day life. I wouldn’t say it was perfect. Oh my gosh, by any means. And yes, there there were probably problematic issues. But what would you say about today’s implementation?

I mean, for everyday life, probably. You would agree. The problem with Surya and the simple limitation today is is the partial implementation. So, you know, if you implement part of the law, the law can become in just it’s like inheritance. The brother inherits, for example, more than the system, right, but in exchange, he has to take care of his sister. Sure. And if he forgets this duty, right is excess inheritance becomes a prejudice it becomes something that is so when governments implement, you know, some of the Sharia but then the system of money is still corrupt. This corruption creates havoc in the whole system. Okay. But it’s true that when the 50 is when Sharia law was implemented in Saudi Arabia, for example, and they started to implement very harsh treatment of Dominion, right, from a country where you could be attacked and even murdered very often, and dreams etc. The crime rates almost went to zero. So as an ordinary citizen, you want that except Sharia is not reduced to everyday life. All system that needs to be completed, honestly implemented with checks and balances, and it requires

people to also adhere to it in a very honest to be themselves

submitted to it. Yeah, yeah. Well, and

so it comes back to developing our belief in, in God and in God’s law, and what is the correct way to adhere to God’s mandate? So yes, and to make

the difference really, between principles and recipies principles are the ones that are given by Allah in his book, and they give us a framework of directions are things that are not negotiable, but how to implement them in any and every situation. This is up to the date it is. I mean, Allah has given us a brain. He has given us leaders and they need they didn’t allow us light.

So it’s interesting because Candice, in this particular episode, highlights the quote unquote, atrocities of Qatar that people are talking about and really she kind of rolls her eyes about this too, because she says, you know, for example, you can’t drink alcohol was one of the rules that Qatar had, but my take was, it’s kind of like what you said you can’t just employ implement a part of the law you kind of have to go all the way. My take was, they are letting people have alcohol free flowing in the VIP boxes and you know, they had fan zones where there was alcohol, so probably with Holmes, right. So if you know, if you’re going to do this no alcohol rule, then you have to be true to that rule. You can’t just say it’s kind of there on a partial basis because then it doesn’t work because you’re still going to have a lot of related problems. But she was saying, Listen, you know, why are you guys knocking there? You can’t drink alcohol stats. Meanwhile, all sorts of substance abuse is happening with, you know, record family devastation, as a result of, you know, how we approach substances in the West. And she made a very good point. She said the government doesn’t do anything about that. So you know, how can we be pointing fingers that other countries that are taking a different approach she was talking about, you know, that people are complaining that you know, even adultery is illegal in Qatar? It’s a punishable crime. And she said, meanwhile, we have dating apps in the West that are undergoing overhauls because married people are getting onto these dating dating apps just so that they can cheat on their spouse. And then they also want to like stay WOKE quote, unquote, you know, progressive by legitimizing polyamorous relationships, which in and of itself is so troubling because it leads to a whole string of instability in the household and the West. She says life to celebrate sex and and this can be a very serious illness. So she made some really good and profound points. And, you know, so she, you know, she says, Well, she doesn’t agree with, you know, a lot of the laws in Qatar and I didn’t know this was a law that she alleges that a rich person can also go to jail. But in the West, she said, By the same token, you can point fingers at anyone like in the me to movement, where men can just be accused and their whole lives can be devastated. So So basically, you know, so there was that was an interesting sort of debate she had about you know, culture versus our laws, meaning the West, and she says in Qatar, they have policies against social media practices, you can get in serious trouble for spreading false news and I know just by living in Dubai, even if you’re gossiping and backbiting you can actually get in trouble with the law for doing something like that on social media. So she says in America, they censor you if you go against their narrative so even if you if you post something positive, that’s truth but goes against sort of like the the the narrative that the government wants to push on you or the agenda wants to push on you, you can get in trouble. So she said really, how much better are we?

Well, in the West, there was a there was a trial in Germany for a person who had used language to describe the forbidden question. And in the terminal. The judge said truth is no defense. So when we reach such, let’s say relativistic views, when we are virtue signaling, everything is just about showing an opponent’s an idea and in the ways this constant. Let’s say unfussy some interpersonal relations, sexual things. I think it just shows that people are born.

There’s also some sort of a perverse movement that just obviously hasn’t seen its its boundaries, you know, they seem to have no boundaries. And that’s what’s really concerning and I think she really aptly points out which would you say is worse Qatar or America based on what you already know? And that’s a valid point. Yeah, I think none of those

are in a position to give lessons to the other.

Yeah, yeah. And you know, especially recently, in today’s news, I saw that the whole Germany team at FIFA and Qatar, you know, covered their mouths for their photo op because they wanted to let everybody know that they’re being silenced because they can’t wear their armbands supporting LGBT. And that to me is really interesting because in Qatar as we know there’s no such thing as same sex relationships it’s against their their law and it’s against their religion is against Islam. So gay marriage is not recognized and you can be sentenced to prison for having a same sex relationship. But in America, she says we are mutilating children by allowing allowing gender surgeries and further devastating them with hormone blockers and whatnot. So she says they say that it’s love that they are helping to, you know, help children to recognize their real genders, and what they feel inside of them. Affirming Tara she calls it and and she says again, I have to ask you, which is worse which society is worse in the end when you have such problems going on? I think it boils down to respecting the culture and the beliefs of the country that you have agreed to step into. You know, they expect women to not wear to be covered so much you know, whether it’s a hit job man or whatever, say in in France, so by that same token, why wouldn’t they be expected to remove their LGBT armbands? whilst they’re in a country that doesn’t recognize such stuff? Totally agree.

I mean, people declare that they are in love with diversity, but each time they see something different that what they think is right, they’re just becoming the most intolerant people that you can imagine. I think, I mean, as the Prophet said, if you’re in a foreign country just act as the people unless it goes strictly against the truth. But customer, happy to culture. cultural habits are not set in stone there is there is space for diversity. If you don’t like the city banning of homosexuality, or at least the expression, the public expression of homosexuality, because I remind you that in Islam, homosexuality is not forbidden. It is the expression and the practice of homosexuality, okay. This, you have to go

against yourself and you have such urges that go against God’s mandate. Yes, yes, this life

is about a trial. It’s a constant questioning. Do you prefer this or the truth? Right, and people can be born with certain tendencies. Some people are greedy, and they have to struggle against that. Yes. And the question is, do you prefer your greed, your jealousy, or your instincts? Do you prefer this or do you prefer the truth and if you prefer the truth, you have to find ways to deal with it. And many people have and I personally look at chosen even the way inclined to go in a certain way sexually, to, to go and have a family and they’re very happy, right? I mean, that’s you

make a very good point. People can have violent tendencies. I mean, if we allow everyone to sort of, you know, act on their urges, then we would have chaos. So there was a reason why the scriptures I mean, from the beginning of time, you know, all scriptures had had banned it and Islam, you know, being sort of like a scripture, you know, the Quran being a scripture that has not been tampered with, has maintained its authenticity. And so there has to be an adherence to God’s law and, and so you have to respect a country that does that. So she sarcastically says, oh, you know, unimaginable that some people are refused. For example, the German team was refused that they can wear their armband she mentioned the American journalist grant wall, was refused entry to Qatar to cover the game because he was wearing a rainbow football on his T shirt. So he tweeted, just now security guard refusing to let me into the stadium for USA versus Wales. And he quoted you have to change your shirt. It’s not allowed. That’s what the guard told him. So she sarcastically says you know how unimaginable to be refused entry somewhere based on what you’re wearing and then she goes, Oh, wait, she says it’s on a map. It is imaginable because this society, the West said that kids can’t go to school with don’t if they don’t mask up or you can’t go to a football game without a mask. I think she didn’t go far enough because she fails to mention that you know, some Western countries don’t allow you to go to school. If you wear a head job. You know, they’re discriminated against if you’re wearing you know, a full bathing suit, the Islamic bathing suit on their beach. So there are a lot of discriminations in the west and they expect you to adhere to it. So she shared another tweet from a journalist during an earlier time where he’s wearing a mask and he explains something to the effect that you know, you must wear a mask if you were to leave your home. So, so you know, she’s summarizing the notion of hypocrisy between these these two circumstances. And I really wonder at what point there will be a wake up call where they’ll say okay, we expect them to adhere to our ways. You know, should there not be a movement for us to really respect theirs when we’re in their regions?

Do you feel the review the weakening?

I mean, it’s kind of a good sign that this discussion is taking place in different platforms. I think a lot of people are discussing it and people are are able to have that debate. I think for the first time social media has eased up on their you know, cancel and shut them up. But you know, stance where they would just Yeah, exactly. I mean, Twitter is really sort of made that that promise that you know, they’re they’re going to let people discuss things like this more freely because the old Twitter three Elon would censor you and would shut you down if you said anything against the narrative. Now you can say, I’m not comfortable with my child being encouraged to question their gender when they’re at an age where things are so confusing as it is to grow up and just be a decent human. Being so I need to call out my you know, kids school or the school board or or the government and I suppose now you can say that on Twitter and you can have a healthy discussion with respect and not offending anyone but at the same time taking your stance where I’m afraid that

any discussion that is meaningful in in a world where people are driven by feelings, and not by facts, because apparently facts have no bearing on many people. You will always offend someone. offend someone. So, being offended is the driver. the driver. No discussion is possible. This is why people are shut down but But I mean, I’m very in favor of myself of freedom of speech, as long as it doesn’t go beyond I mean, the constraints of the law, right. And when you say certain things you will offend people. They shouldn’t be. Because if they feel that you’re wrong, they should. They should just feel you’re wrong. See, you’re wrong and why would me being wrong be offending? So there’s something fishy going there. They are trying to use feelings as a way to prove something. And I’m sorry, a feeling doesn’t prove anything. That’s been a

strategy for a while they slap they stopped this, oh, you’re racist, or you’re anti this or you’re anti that on people very quickly, to shut them up. Or of course, the favorite is You’re a conspiracy. theorist, right? Like if you think Black Lives Matter has some really funny business going on. Then you’re the one that ends up being on the stand and being questioned rather than the person that you’ve actually called out for something.

This is, this is the mentality of habits. Every, every time a belief system has been challenged, it can be in science, it can be in culture. Every time it has been challenged, it has been pushed back very viciously by people holding power. Yeah, you know, this Free State shirt, it’s smoked then it’s it’s thought and then it’s accepted as if you don’t always do that. So So yeah, it’s a natural psychological reaction. Now we are supposed to have reached the point where we could have civil discussions very open. And if someone tells me I don’t like black people, let these people say that because sometimes they have good reasons because they had that experience, or they saw movies or things like this, you know, it could be a way to prevent them from

sort of, like, you know, attacking a whole sort of race.

Yeah, they will do it. It’s unjust. Yeah, it’s unfair. But if the discussion is not opened, and I think you showed me a clip of, I mean, the former holder of this committee, the Late Show, The Late Night choices, James Stewart recently came out in light of this supposedly anti semitic comments by Kenny. Can you waste he said really? When people attack Jews now is not the time that we just use these anti semitic slander, like again and again to the conversation. It’s time that we chose, we just allow the conversation to grow and to examine to open this wound, because that is not open to be cleaned when that gets infected.

Yeah, at some point, you have to question you know, when does it become political rather than humanitarian thing, you know, to call somebody anti anything, you know, at what point is it about human rights and at what point is it about a political agenda? So we need to keep ourselves in check. When you know, everyone you know when when people are saying things we we need to be able to question and also question ourselves, and sort of bring some sanity back into the system.

We all operate on on ideas. Yeah, some of these ideas, probably not reflecting of the real world. So we need always to be in a position to, to be able to discuss openly, to try to put in check the feelings and the passion and, and always be ready to be wrong. And to and to accept to correct the view. This is the only way to progress. Well, let’s see.

I think there’s so much so many sort of offshoot topics that have come out of this. So let’s reflect on that and talk soon.



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