IFDC’s Final Selection of Modest Fashion Designers Head To Italy For TFW2019!

IFDC’s exclusive segment returns to Torino Fashion Week catapulting modest fashion designers to a greater global scale.

June 27th, 2019

Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC) is pleased to announce the final selection of global modest designers at Torino Fashion Week 2019 (TFW 2019). The event will be held from June 27 to July 3, 2019 in the historical city of Torino. Media, modest clientele, and buyers are heading to Torino to attend the exclusive modest fashion segments by IFDC to be launched on June 28th.


Vogue and La Stampa, lead media partners of TFW2019 have noted the final line-up of modest global designers, namely Chantique (Dubai), Alice Giani Margi (Italy), Luya Moda (UK), and Coèga Sunwear (Dubai) who are set to showcase their winning blend of great fashion style and modest-enriched pieces. During the IFDC Modest Fashion runways, to be launched on June 28th, the audiences are expected to witness the innovative style and showmanship that incorporates structured or flowing fabrics, prints, laces, pleats, and carefully selected colors with outstanding quality of work.

These modest designers will focus on a range of priorities, including sustainability, ethics, culture, value and tradition, and not at the very least great style at the forefront.

The dynamic modest collections, ranging from street wear, ready-to-wear, right up to red carpet looks are being lined up and are sure to dazzle the global fashion industry and the attending leading media this year, while the key highlight and attendance will be at the IFDC Awards – where the best designer will be awarded with a free spot to headline at TFW2020.

Participation in the showcases offers a unique take on designs which are ready to be taken to the larger scale in the important industrial city of Torino, where brands are catapulted to new heights. With media coverage both nationally and internationally, the buzz increases year by year.


Alice Giani


Torino Fashion Week’s on-going exclusive partnership with IFDC, for the third consecutive year, has made remarkable progress in scaling modest fashion onto a greater global stage. IFDC is once again named as the official modest fashion partner to TFW after its resounding success for the past years where it has presented key Modest Fashion designers to a  worldwide audience through a strategic mainstream fashion week partnership. Since 2017, this strategic positioning has brought numerous modest fashion players to the centre stage of TFW runways, showcasing outstanding modest fashion brands and it has made historical international headlines in the global fashion and lifestyle media platforms.


Coega Sunwear


“IFDC has always been significantly involved to support brands and designers in the modest realm, through retail consulting, designer development, government initiatives, media partnerships, events, and many more global projects: renewing the collaboration with Torino Fashion Week, exclusively representing modest fashion in Italy has allowed us to position many brands onto the world’s stage”, said Sara Aslaoui, IFDC Italy Country Manager.

Given that Italy is the 4th largest Muslim population in Europe, IFDC has established a promising increased secondary market through demand in modest fashion among the Catholics, Jewish, general mainstream as well as their primary market of Muslim consumers.  Hence, IFDC/TFW has become a well-established platform that provides key opportunities and a strong influential arena for global fashion industry players.

“The best part is that it is not a passing thing, people in modest fashion usually embrace this lifestyle for a higher reasons and for a lifetime, it’s been around since the beginning of time and will remain until the end.”  said Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC.

IFDC is committed to facilitate the development of Torino in achieving its main goal of being the leading European city in creating opportunities for the modest fashion market. Both established organisations have strong and firm confidence in the continuous market growth and lucrative potential in this sector in Italy and worldwide, as it is a key part of this drive. There is no doubt that modest fashion has impacted a tremendous influence on the global fashion scene and the IFDC teams’ focused strategies continue to build on the impact that was created since the organization’s inception.

“We are planning more exciting strategies to bring this experience to a new level!. TFW is committed to diversity and appreciation of culture and value. We stand strong with our exclusive modest fashion partner IFDC to build more exciting times ahead!”  said Claudio Azzolini, Director of Torino Fashion Week.


IFDC’s Modest Fashion segments to be held during TFW 2019, located at EX BORSA VALORI, Via S. Francesco da Paola, 28_, in the city center of Torino, Italy.

For Press Inquiries:  Office@IFDCitaly.org


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