IFDC Turkey Announced!

The Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) is pleased to announce the launch of IFDC Turkey in partnership with Franka Soeria as the Country Manager. Franka is also International Director for IFDC Global. Born in Jakarta-Indonesia and currently living in Istanbul-Turkey, Franka’s background in fashion journalism has helped her rapidly build a name for herself as a firmly established player in the modest fashion scene. An advocate of the vast global talent in this industry, Franka continues to create new initiatives that will bring people together and increase every individual’s success. Her previous position as fashion editor of the major Indonesian magazine, Nova has allowed her to contribute to the development of the modest fashion industry. This eventually led Franka to be a key founding member of Indonesia Fashion Week and Mihenk Consultancy. ifdc                             In Turkey, Franka is the international relations manager of Modanisa. She also serves as Deputy PR for the Indonesian Fashion Chamber. Franka has recently been selected as Editor in Chief for IFDC’s highly anticipated Cover Magazine where she will be overseeing the production of the very first issue. Cover Magazine is positioned to be the “Vogue” of modest fashion; a vibrant and exciting publication with features and spreads on the latest in modest fashion, beauty, design, and everything to do with success in the modest lifestyle. As her role also encompasses International Relations at IFDC, Franka hopes to establish a platform for modest fashion that is completely different from mainstream fashion. It is her vision that this platform will provide support and good will to all those involved, an approach she believes will increase the industry’s overall success.

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