The Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) is pleased to announce IFDC Russia! Mastercard has ranked Moscow a top shopping destination for Muslim fashion. With the upcoming top fashion events including the Islamic Style International Festival and Moscow Halal Expo, the timing for IFDC to partner with Halal Expo owner, Alif Consult and the leading modest fashion expert Dilyara Sadrieva is perfect. “It is so exciting to join the international phenomenon IFDC and to be a part of this powerful fashion and design family! Russia represents a strong consumer base for modest clothes and IFDC’s Pret-A-Cover™ program will be a keen focus for us. We have wanted to address the overwhelming demand effectively and IFDC is the perfect platform to do this.” said Dilyara Sadrieva, Country Manager for IFDC Russia. “We have strong relationships with manufacturers, retailers, mainstream fashion organizations, Islamic banks and many more who will join our initiatives as we target mutual goals.” ifdc   Dilyara Sadrieva is a designer, stylist and entrepreneur. Born and brought up in Moscow, she founded and developed several fashion projects for Muslim women to help them integrate into societies in meaningful ways. This made her a beloved icon in the modest fashion space. She is the founder of the popular fashion brand Bella Kareema and has brought a new look and sophistication to Islamic fashion. Her work is about more than design and fashion, but rather about the integration of virtue, grace, elegance, refinement and dignity. ifdc   Alif Consult LLC is a Moscow-based firm providing expert reviews and consultancy over business processes and legal documentation in accordance with Russian Federation law and Shariah standards. With top experts in Islamic finance and technologies, they have been leaders in Shariah compiant and halal businesses for over 7 years. Alif Consult is also the owner of Halal Expo in Russia, together with Dilyara, they will focus on key initiatives through IFDC Russia. Madina Kalimulina, Managing partner of Alif Consult LLC said “The Islamic fashion market in Russia is still very young but it witnesses a lot of potential as we cater to the need of ladies in the modest dress market, which is fully demonstrated in our annual Moscow Halal Exhibition. Yet the market lacks professional service providers and this leads to slow business development. We plan to address this through IFDC Russia.” In Alif Consult we aim to assist the market players in moving forward and avoiding mistakes. Our partnership with a prominent global network like IFDC is an important channel to raise the market up to international standards in the modest fashion industry. ” ifdc   “Our IFDC Russia team is working out special projects and master class’s for the most effective offerings the industry has seen. Our partnership with IFDC will open up great opportunities not only in Russia, but for all industry players globally.” says Sadrieva.

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