IFDC Renews Collabaration With Torino Fashion Week:  Brings Modest Fashion back to the Italian Runways   

May 13  th , 2018 Dubai

IFDC and TFW are renewing their deal that made historical headlines in 2017. After last year’s resounding success, IFDC is once again the official modest fashion partner to Torino Fashion Week where they will bring back Modest Fashion to the center stage of a mainstream fashion week.

Giving select modest fashion players exposure in the fashion world from the country deemed the global hub of fashion, Italy is about to make international headlines again with IFDC.


It all began in  2017, when for the first time, Torino Fashion Week (TFW), an official mainstream Italian fashion week partnered with IFDC, the world’s leading modest fashion and design organization who would bring this lucrative fashion category to Italy in an official capacity. The success realized by this collaboration brings back IFDC as the “Official Modest Fashion Partner of Torino Fashion Week” and the selection process for modest fashion designers from all over the world has begun. All designers are eligible to submit their work to the IFDC Italy office, and final selectees will be announced closer to the event.


IFDC confirms its commitment to help Torino achieve their goal in aiming to be the leading city in creating opportunities for the modest fashion market. Their belief in its potential, while the interest in this sector in Italy and worldwide is increasingly growing, is a key part of this drive. No doubt modest fashion impacts tremendous influence on the global fashion world and IFDC’s focused strategies aim at building on this impact.

“Modesty has shown itself to be what it really is. It is fun, elegant, exciting, stylish, and everything that one would expect from fashion. The global demand, business value, and proven spending power is a bonus and there is no doubt that today’s industry players simply cannot overlook the value of this sector of fashion. The best part is that it is not a passing thing, people in modest fashion usually embrace this lifestyle for higher reasons and for a lifetime, it’s been around since the beginning of time and will remain until the end”, said Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC.


Given that Italy is the 4 th largest Muslim population in Europe and there is a strong demand for modest fashion among the Catholic, Jewish, and general mainstream population makes this area of fashion particularly important in this region. Hence, TFW is a strong opportunity for fashion industry players, in general. It allows IFDC to promote promising talent while also discovering new talent that has good potential for their global market. The IFDC will also do some scouting at TFW this year where their team will be looking out for more promising new talent that they can work with.


The event will be held from June 27 to July 3, 2018 in the historical city of Torino and the last three days will be dedicated to IFDC and their final selection of modest fashion designers.

IFDC is now accepting designer submissions at Office@IFDCitaly.org where lookbooks and links will be received by the IFDC selection committee for review.


“Last year IFDC showcased 30 modest fashion designers from over 23 countries. The media, audiences, and industry players were mesmerized by the experience created at TFW. This year, together with the IFDC management, we are planning more exciting strategies to bring this experience to a new level. TFW is committed to diversity and appreciation of culture and values. We stand strong with our recurring official modest fashion partner, IFDC to build more exciting times ahead!”, said Claudio Azzolini, Director of Torino Fashion Week.

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