IFDC Partners with Moscow Halal Expo 2016

IFDC recently partnered with the Moscow Halal Expo, one of the biggest events dedicated to the Muslim lifestyle, as well as halal products. The expo was held on June 2 – 4, 2016 at the Congress and Expo Centre, Sokolniki. Top halal product players from Russia and other participating countries, together with representatives of Islamic Banking, diplomats and ambassadors participated in the Expo and Business Program. IFDC Russia organized and moderated the Modest Fashion Forum under the leadership of IFDC Russia Country Manager, Dilyara Sadrieva who spoke at the opening ceremony on one of the fastest growing sectors of the Islamic Economy – Islamic fashion. “IFDC is a significant platform that unites all market players in the fashion industry, and other sectors of the Islamic Economy to develop and accelerate its growth. There’s an increasing global demand for modest fashion…” said Sadrieva. Russia is a very influential country in modest fashion,with a booming market and increasing demand. The modest fashion industry is global with Russia as one of the top destinations for halal products. Consumers of halal products are changing, the new Muslim generation is searching for more than products labelled “halal”, they want ecologolical and ethically produced and manufactured items.
IFDC Russia Country Manager, Dilyara Sadrieva moderates a panel discussion. Harun Rashid photographed replying to an audience question.

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