Istanbul Modest Fashion Week is Turkey’s first premier event offering an international platform for designers and brands from the region to seamlessly connect with fashion influencers, media, fashion associations and retail executives. IFDC is proud to announce our partnership with such an esteemed event, the brainchild of the remarkable Kerim Ture of Modanisa.com. This event, by headline sponsor Modanisa.com, will consist of world-class stages, modest fashion shows, fashion booths and workshops. Istanbul Modest Fashion Week will be catalyzing energy by bringing together designers, brands, fashion influencers, the industry’s elite professionals, retailers and fashion associations for the first modest fashion event in a top emerging fashion capital of the world. This Fashion Week will open a gateway to modest style and IFDC intends to play a role in making this a global event to be found in other countries in the years to come. “Kerim Ture is a gracious leader of our industry and we commend his sincere efforts in spearheading such an initiative. With the creative ideas, hard work, and reach of Franka Soeria contributing to this, we believe this event has all the right ingredients to make its prominent mark. IFDC supports such initiatives which genuinely work toward benefiting every player in our industry. The unity and comradery we witness everyday in this sector of fashion speaks to how special the people in Islamic fashion are; and how different we remain from other industries. IFDC’s focus is to position this winning character of the industry as an example for all”, said Alia Khan, Founder and Chairwoman of IFDC, “People will see how this actually leads to more success and more opportunities for all”. Among IFDC’s contributions will be workshops, talk show, chief guests, leading designers, and more. The schedule will be announced soon, please visit www.istanbulmodest.com for more information and to learn more about the launch of IFDC’s highly anticipated Cover Magazine to debut at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week!

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