IFDC Partners with Indonesian Fashion Chamber’s MUFFEST:

The Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST) 2016 is an annual Muslim fashion event aimed to strengthen Indonesia’s economy through the local Muslim fashion industry. The idea of MUFFEST is triggered by the vision of Indonesia’s government to make Indonesia the centre of Muslim fashion worldwide. Through this event, MUFFEST intends to establish strong relationships with Islamic countries around the world. From 25 – 29 May 2016 at South and Southeast Plaza, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia approximately 400 brands will be showcasing a wide variety of Muslim fashion, culinary arts, accessories and many other products related to the Muslim lifestyle in MUFFEST. MUFFEST is held by the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (also known as IFC – the biggest designers association in Indonesia) and Ditali Cipta Kreatif, also supported by the Hijabersmom Community.
IFDC is proud to announce a collaboration with MUFFEST’s modest fashion show. IFDC will have 6 talented designers from 6 different countries including Turkey, Middle East, South Africa, Italy, Russia and South Asia that will be showcasing their designs on the runway. IFDC will also be hosting a talk show during MUFFEST that will inspire all those who attend to a new level of chic. IFDC Turkey under the leadership of Country Manager, Franka Soeria is currently a leading partner of Istanbul Modest Fashion Week and the Deputy PR of IFC has spearheaded this collaboration. Franka’s aim is to support fashion projects on a national scale and to help connect them with international network. “The wonderful thing about Indonesia is not only the inspiring talent, but also the attendance of events by people from around the world. Modest fashion has grown tremendously in this country and it is about time that it is promoted to a wider audience in the most effective way. IFDC is a leading modest fashion platform and a great asset to the promotion of modest fashion in Indonesia.” said Franka Soeria.- IFDC Turkey, Country ManagerIFDC, the world’s leading advocate for Islamic fashion, art and design professionals and aspiring talent, has an array of products, services, and effective training programs for all levels. Designed to ensure the success of Islamic fashion and design in the global marketplace, IFDC facilitates industry players in accessing the vast potential globally. IFDC aligns itself with leading and budding mainstream and Islamic fashion and design brands, government organizations, institutions, corporations, media, global conferences, events, and fashion weeks to ensure a powerful, sustainable and supportive presence.

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