IFDC Italy Announced

An initiative that is expected to render tremendous opportunities for Italian fashion industry players whilst opening avenues not realized by the global industry until now has been launched with Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) and Infinita Group announcing the signing of a partnership in Milan to develop modest fashion worldwide. According to IFDC and Infinita Group, the terms of the agreement include the opening of an IFDC Italy office in Milan which will facilitate the development of the Pret-A-Cover™ programme offered to global retailers including boutiques and department stores worldwide along with other focused IFDC related activities in Europe. The partnership will also include consulting Italian designers on the production of new modest fashion collections, offered through Infinita Group’s Italian Fashion Artisan Network. “Since we visited with Alia Khan, the Chairwoman of IFDC, at one of the IFDC events in Dubai earlier in 2015, then later invited her to visit our operations in Milan, we immediately identified the IFDC initiatives that would prove suitable for our renowned Italian Fashion Artisan Network.  This includes supporting the design and production of high quality fashion which serves as an added benefit for all IFDC members,” said Paolo Costanzo, Infinita Group Chairman, “IFDC Italy will be based in a high end area of Milan, that is strategically located for key exposure to the global fashion industry.

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