IFDC Introduces “Changing Room” – Facilitating Your Total Transformation with Sound Ideology

Ramadan is a period of reflection and self growth, and it’s also just right around the corner! IFDC will be introducing daily thought provoking messages for each of the blessed days of the holy month. The combination of messages will help you develop your inner style and optimal beauty as well as outer.

Each ‘Changing Room’ will host a single theme based on sound ideology; this is tried and proven wisdom from a collection of prophetic hadiths, quotes from scholars or historical figures, verses from the Qur’an, etc. which will uplift, guide, and inspire us to be our personal best inside and out. We all need to enter a Changing Room of life from time to time to realize powerful transformation that can catapult us to the next level of success, this is what IFDC’s Changing Room aims to do for you.

A collective message from the Changing Room team of researchers and experts state: “Modest fashion will always bear a responsibility for those that embrace it. With it, comes a sense of commitment to develop one’s noble character and adopt proven practices that lead to polished beauty inside and out. The resulting satisfaction, happiness, and appeal that one achieves from this work will prove the effectiveness of these wisdoms that have carried generations forward to a better place”.

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