IFDC Expands to Canada

IFDC proudly presents our Canada office under the leadership of Country Manager, Fatima Beg.  Fatima is the Festival Director for IMFDF (International Modest Fashion & Design Festival), North America’s largest modest affair. Her background in science and business development are unexpected given her experience as a marketing consultant. She functions as a dynamic self-starter, influenced by her entrepreneurial family roots. She has been integral to the establishment of startups including the Gift of Glamour and Modest Ave. As a highly involved community member, she continues to devote much of her time to empowering women of all ages. This pursuit has enabled her to continue building innovative programs that encourage and inspire women, and her belief in taking a strong approach toward self-expression through confident, conservative fashion. IFDC Canada is currently collaborating with the International Modest Fashion and Design Festival, and plans to produce photoshoots, designer interviews, modest movement documentaries and more to increase IFDC’s exposure in the North American market, which is expanding tremendously! In addition to this, IFDC Canada will focus on content building and retail collaborations with a focus on developing bigger opportunities for industry players. For more details contact IFDC Canada at Office@IFDCcanada.org

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