IFDC Designers Show Diversity Yet Still Retain Femininity

IFDC Showcase wth designs of Annada on left and Stephanie Jaye on right at ITF2015 Romantic flow and London-edgy may be two styles you never thought you’d find in the same space, but Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) definitely delivered this and more at the recent 2015 International Textile Fair. Within its selection of stunning designs on display at the fair, which took place in Dubai, IFDC presented ensembles from a number of designers, including Dorotea P London and Stephanie Jaye in the Modest Trends area, as well as in the IFDC exhibit. These were just part of the line-up of global designers who presented Islamic fashion (iFash™) pieces, each with their own signature style leading to an incredibly diverse showcase. Stephanie Jaye’s contribution of soft and flowing silks in pastel pinks with animal print-panels, tailored sleeves and feather embellishments provide a look that would make any princess feel all the more royal. In contrast, featuring edgy silver satin-silks, charcoal-grey summer-coats and crisp, white structured shirts, Dorotea P London’s look captured post-modernist sculpture-in-fashion, while still being elegant and feminine. “Each of our designers’ pieces were unique and contributed to a wide range of iFash looks,” said IFDC Chairwoman Alia Khan. “We loved the way both Stephanie and Dorotea both translated femininity in such different ways, yet both within the realm of iFash™.” As a collaborating partner to ITF 2015, IFDC also presented an array of Islamic art pieces, which drew excellent attention from visitors, delighted by the ways in which art and design could be integrated into textiles. One of IFDC’s artists, Beena Samuel, featured works with exquisite paint techniques on 100-percent cotton paper as well as silk, showing off a variety of deep colours and designs. “The promotion of Islamic art, fashion, design, architecture and interiors all fall within IFDC’s mandate and we are pleased to have provided such a well-attended platform to promote these talented designers and artists. Our booth was a hive of activity for the full duration of the fair with people enchanted by the many different styles and products we put forth. We look forward to continuing to break the mold of creativity when it comes to showcasing the immense talent in this field. Stay tuned, we have numerous events coming up where IFDC will be presenting the finest Islamic design talent in the upcoming months,” said Khan. IFDC’s complement of designers and artists for ITF also included Annada, Chenille, Miella, Kashka, Hafsa Lodi, Pret-A-Prier, Tauseef-Al-Mulla, Alem Goshime and Diyali Sen Bhalla. For more information on the Islamic artists and designers that were featured by IFDC at the International Textile Fair, visit: www.islamicfashiondesigncouncil.org and www.internationaltextilefair.com.

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