IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan, to return as Special Guest and Fair International Brand Ambassador at LeShow Istanbul-2020.

Following the success of their first event in January, 2019, LeShow will be launching their second event in Istanbul from 16th to 18th of January 2020.

In her first speech at LeShow 2019, Ms. Khan spoke about the importance of exploring new business models for the leather and fur industry that would be critical to positive contribution to the planet. This included a discussion on the possibility of adapting the rental model which would enable the producers to make less items yet realize increased revenues. In addition to the Khan had one on one meetings with industry leaders on the possibility of creating more change makers in the industry who would lead the charge in building sustainable brands focused on positive initiatives that everyone can get behind. Last year’s keynote speech by Ms. Khan was hosted by Kopenhagen Fur who have invited Ms. Khan to their ethical fur farms where 100% of the animal is used for good, including bio fuel, medical, and practical benefits. This is an ongoing discussion with which Ms. Khan continues to monitor keenly in order to facilitate a real difference in the world.

LeShow is the most reputable fashion event in the EURASIA region; bringing together over 15,000 visitors including consumers, wholesalers, retailers, fashion designers and professional buyers from across the globe. Sensational fashion designers from across Asia will be showcasing their cutting-edge, varied styles and materials such as global leather, fur, fabric and textile apparel.

As a returning Special Guest and Fair International Brand Ambassador at LeShow Istanbul-2020, Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) Founder and Chairwoman, Alia Khan, will advise on how Asian brands can break the Western market, as well as evoke discussion and guidance on ethical and sustainable solutions within the Fashion Industry.

I believe international expositions like the 2nd LeShow Istanbul-2020, will provide a professional platform for us to explore brand opportunities with more guidance on ethical and sustainable solutions, while building on agreeable opportunities for international business growth” says Alia Khan in her statement on why she will be attending as a Special Guest and addressing a keynote speech at the 2nd LeShow Istanbul-2020.

As an esteemed leader in the modest apparel fashion industry, Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) Founder and Chairwoman, Alia Khan herself has influenced the rise of the modest fashion trend growing in the Western world. As a guest of honor at the VIP Gala Fashion Show, Alia Khan will deliver her keynote speech on: The new purchase trends for women’s apparel fashion items in the MENA and GCC regions, and possible near future interaction and cooperation opportunities between the Western and the modest apparel fashion markets. In addition, at LeShow Istanbul-2020, Alia Khan will hold valuable meetings and consultations with a target list of event participants to address the questions, perceptions, and market demand surrounding the global apparel fashion industry. During this time, Alia Khan will also advise on ethical and sustainable decisions the modest apparel fashion market can make in order to be in line with the modern, and environmentally conscious consumer.

The 2nd LeShow Istanbul-2020 is an opportunity to strengthen collaborations between the Western and Asian fashion markets, as the event showcases the local style, tradition and culture. The event expects to receive over 500 exhibitors who aim to stand out and appeal to the visiting 750 professional buyers from across the world.

After the success of the first LeShow we are counting down to the next. LeShow Istanbul-2020 is expected to be bigger than the last; we look forward to welcoming participants this year.

2nd LeShow Istanbul-2020 January 16-18, 2020 

Venue: Istanbul Congress Center/Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey.

For more information, please email leshowistanbul@turkel.com.tr

Exhibitor Registration: http://www.leshowistanbul.com/english/katilimci-form/index.html 

Visitor Registration: http://www.leshowistanbul.com/english/ziyaretci-form/index.html

International Hosted Buyers Registration: www.leshowistanbul.com/english/buyer/index.html  

Press inquiries: office@ifdcouncil.org

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