IFDC Announces Final Modest Designers for Torino Fashion Week 2018

June 27th, 2018: Torino, Italy


Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC) is pleased to announce the final line-up of global modest designers in their official modest category at Torino Fashion Week 2018 (TFW’18). The prestigious annual event will be held from June 27 to July 3, 2018 and the week-end will be dedicated to modest designers selected by IFDC after receiving several entries from design talent globally. These selected designers are undergoing preparation to showcase, partake in B2B sessions and meetings, and making appearances in front of qualified fashion juries for exciting and career defining awards that will yield business opportunities to the winning IFDC designers.


The final line-up of promising global talented modest designers, namely Al Nisa (USA), Huda   Negassi (USA), Myra Wallace (USA), Nina Demure ( USA), MadamButterfly (USA), Chantique (Dubai), Mali Rose (USA), Schmiley Mo (Indonesia), Bow Boutique (Saudi Arabia) and Bolandy (Iran) are set to feature their winning modest wear collections. Each IFDC designer that is selected for TFW’18 has automatically qualified for the highly-coveted awards that will be bestowed on the winning modest designers. The awards are a part of a collaboration that IFDC spearheaded with key industry players in order to offer career rewards and enhance opportunities.


In the upcoming IFDC catwalks of TFW ’ 18, audiences are set to witness innovative style as well as showmanship that know no boundaries from structured or flowing fabrics which incorporates laces, buttons, ruffles, pleats, prints with superior sense of style. These modest designers focus on a range of priorities including sustainability and ethics at the forefront. From instant headwear, silk scarves and flowing couture gowns, to ethnic shoes and exquisite abayas, the IFDC designers will feature dynamic modest fashion collections, ranging from street wear, ready-to-wear up, to their red-carpet looks.

Torino Fashion Week’s (TFW) ongoing strategic partnership with IFDC, the world’s leading modest fashion and design organization, will bring their outstanding Modest Fashion category to Italy and open up key opportunities. IFDC is committed to assist Torino in achieving their main goal of being the leading European city in creating opportunities for the modest lifestyle market. Both organisations have strong confidence in its continuous market growth and lucrative potentials in this sector in Italy and worldwide, as it is a key part of this drive. There is no doubt that modest fashion has impacted tremendous influence on the global fashion scene and IFDC’s focused strategies continue build on the impact created.

Given that Italy is the fourth largest Muslim population in Europe and there is a strong demand for modest fashion among the Catholic, Jewish, general mainstream, as well as Muslim population makes this area of fashion particularly important. Hence, TFW is a strong opportunity and influential arena for fashion industry players, in general. It allows IFDC to promote promising talent while also discovering new talents that show potential. Thus, the constant call on modest designers to present at mainstream shows, namely TFW is central to its progress to elevate the visibility of modest fashion brands. In relation to its progress IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan’s keynote speech on 30th June, 2018 will mark some important factors on the development of the fashion industry in general.

Among key press support IFDC has brought in theShukran social network in Italy this year, the first social media network designed specifically for and by the Italian Muslim community. One of its key areas that it will highlight is modest fashion throughout the event through videography and photography by its community management team and talented photographer Fatna El Hamrit. theShukran will provide its key support and assistance to IFDC in media coverage, including media invitation and media distribution to its media network.

Another partner added this year by IFDC is Milano Fashion Library, a consulting, publishing and advertising company that operates as the largest fashion library in Europe. MFL will provide continuous support to IFDC throughout TFW’18 and coverage will be published in their September issue of Fashion Illustrated magazine, focusing on the designers who will win the IFDC Awards this year at TFW as well as highlighting the overall success of the other participating IFDC designers.

IFDC’s Modest Fashion Shows to be held during TFW’18 will be located at the EX BORSA VALORI, in Via San Francesco da Paola 28, in the city center of Torino, Italy.

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