Huda Nagassi – Express Your True Self

modest fashion

By Madiha Ajaz

Giving its clients a true expression of self and individuality, Huda Negassi is a fashion house like no other. Based in Atlanta, the brand is founded by Andre Amos (of Indianapolis), Dr. Jabari Abdullah Huda Salaam (of St. Louis) and Yasmin Hu (of Phoenix). Each of these three founders brings unique style to the fashion line.  

 Andre, is fascinated by rawness and irregularity. A fashion-forward business mogul, he understands the methodical and systematic approach to building your optimal self-image. Dr. Salaam, is a sophisticated marketing guru, and brings a level of classiness, a regality and luxurious appeal to the trends created. Leading these two is Yasmin, who is a cultured, eclectic and experienced fashion designer who brings a blend of high-end runway ready style and a mystical, esoteric twist. Her keen eye for identifying key pieces combined with the use of natural, authentic material brings the full mission of the collection together. Huda Negassi, in short, is a collection of finest clothing where the rustic style of the Southwest meets the conventional styles of the Midwest and comfortable Southern chic.  

 Representing the true essence of who we are, Huda Negassi connects beauty, fashion, culture and antiquity. This unique blend can be witnessed at the upcoming revolutionary Pret-A Cover™ Buyers Lane.   

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