How To Wear Jeans With A Blazer

Wearing a pair of jeans with a blazer is a classic casual look that anyone can pull off. This quick and easy style guide is here to help you achieve it.

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We’ve already covered how to wear a T-shirt with a blazer, and in general it’s a pretty simple look to get right. One that’s a little harder is the more stand out combination of a blazer and jeans, and pulling it off requires the right mix of fits, colours and textures. However the challenge is worth it as jeans and a blazer is a classic combination that’s perfect for achieving a stylish smart casual look. And as we’ll see, it’s also a great option for nights out.

This duo is ideal for for casual Fridays at work, dinners out, dates and more, and the best thing about it is that it’s completely versatile and can be mixed and matched to suit your look. Want a smart casual look that verges more towards the smart side, or are you hoping to add a more alternative streak to your outfit? Both are easily achievable, and with a little adjusting you can perfect the jeans and blazer combination to work perfectly for you.


How to Wear a Blazer

If you’re planning on wearing something that’s typically a formalwear item and pairing it with something more casual, like jeans, then it’s important that the fit of each piece is perfect. An ill-fitting blazer is going to look bad no matter what look you’re going for, but will look especially awkward if you’re hoping to style it up with a pair of skinnies or raw denim jeans.

When you’re picking a blazer keep your height, build and budget in mind. If you’re shorter or taller than average and you’re buying your blazer online, make sure you check out the companies size guide. It’s not a waste of time to grab a tape measure and double check the length of your arms and torso, just to make sure your piece is going to fit you. If you’re parting with money, you want everything to fit the best that it can. If you’ve got a little bit of extra cash stored away then heading to a tailors’ to get yourself a made to measure or even bespoke blazer is something you could consider.


How a Blazer Should Fit

If however that’s not in your budget right now, just knowing how a blazer should fit can help to pick the right one.

    • The sleeves should always fall just above the hand and be slim fitted around the arms.
    • Blazers should be tapered into the waist, but unless you’re super slim avoid the skinny fit.
    • The length of your blazer should be no longer a couple of inches below the hip bone.
    • Make sure your collar is fitted correctly. If you’re wearing a shirt then your jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar.
    • Your blazer should fit closely, but not so tight that you get an X mark across your chest.

Blazer Styles

Before we have a look at the best blazer and jeans combinations, it’s always good to refresh our memory on the different styles of this iconic piece of menswear. Apart from the general fit guidelines outlined above, another essential factor to consider is the construction of your blazer. This obviously informs the way the garment will fit and it’s important to choose the cut that best suits your body type.

It all boils down to two main categories: unstructured and structured. The fit of unstructured blazers will give a more relaxed tone to your outfit and if you’re planning on wearing your blazer with a T-shirt, they’ll both wrap your body in a seamless way. Lacking the rigidity of traditional blazers, you’ll be able to style this fluid design with your best winter outfits or you can simply use it as a lightweight jacket during summer.


On the other hand, structured blazers normally feature padding and inner linings to preserve the classic shape. This higher-end design is definitely more elegant but as we’ll see in a minute, it can be dressed down by simply adding a pair of jeans.


How to Wear a Blazer with Jeans

Jeans and blazer have been around for generations and if you’re planning on merging these two iconic pieces together then you’ve got to do it right. The blazer needs to fit you perfectly, as do the jeans, and the materials and coloursneed to compliment one another. There are various combinations you can go for, and below we’ve listed a few to suit a range of looks.

Black Blazer with Jeans

If you’ve got just one blazer in your wardrobe, it’s most likely going to be a black one, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s one of the most traditional and versatile blazers, and adds a touch of sophistication to basically anything it touches. If you’re planning on matching it with jeans though, things become a little trickier. The stark contrast between the black of the blazer and the blue of conventional jeans can be a little intense, and give a blocky, top heavy look.

A way out of this style predicament is simple, and just involves getting the right shade of jeans for your blazer. Obviously the darker the shade the better, as the contrast will be less intense and give a more streamlined look. Try jeans in a dark shade of blue, making sure there isn’t too much fade or texture to them. You can also try out dark greyor black jeans, but again keep the textures subtle and avoid heavy washes or fades.


Black Blazer Outfits

Go for a simple, streamlined look with some skinny fit jeans and a white top, and add a boost of colour with some rich brown brogues. You could also try out a more casual look by matching your blazer with some black skinny jeans and breaking up the look with a light coloured shirt. Because black is such a versatile colour it really can be paired with pretty much any shade, so experiment with different colours to help add casual elements to your look.



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