How to Remain Modest During the New Era of Zoom Calls

by Bethany Allaway

In light of the global pandemic being here, the world has fallen into a physically interactive silence, which has allowed in-home social media consumption to move up to 45% worldwide. With the imperative Zoom calls to keep in close communication with work colleagues, learning tutors, or any voluntary calls with those of choice, here is how your modest attire factors in!

Over the coming years, the modest movement has become more than what it originated from. Since it started as an Islamically influenced style, it is now more of a world fashion statement, which exists in many areas of cultures and religions. 

Modest fashion is a style of clothing that appeals to those who follow a religion, sustain a belief, or for those who feel most comfortable living with principles based on a modest lifestyle. This way of dressing refers to selecting clothes that show less skin, to a point of personal comfort, which includes clothing such as headscarves, trousers, ankle length skirts and dresses, long sleeved tops/shirts, blouses etc. Following this pattern of clothing attire, it is evident that limited areas of skin are visible.

So, now that we know what clothes are proven appropriate to wear, what clothes aren’t? The first thing would be any garments that show body structure and form, as these types are disassociated with Islamic fashion because they go against the beliefs that exist within this religious attire. The next thing is commentary pieces, as these personally create unprofessional presentability, so shy away from things that lack maturity. Then, one of the most important things to avoid, are clothes that have any sheer/see through fabric, as this defeats the modest fashion purpose of coverage and appropriability. 

The homebound experience of the pandemic is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. For those that are required to stay home and stay safe, interactivity is still a fundamental necessity, which means that video calling options like Zoom become essential to keep within full access of work, education, or social life. 

That said, it has become easy to fall into disarray, with both physical presentation and modest fashion. Although it is easy to excuse yourself from withholding satisfactory presentation, keeping modest can both allow the feeling of normality and the insurance that routine is still active, as well as completing your introduction to those within the zoom meeting. 

To ensure that modest fashion is still implied within today’s modest interaction, here are the most beneficial ways in which you can achieve this. 

The first way is to stick with the same routine and thought process that you normally would, taking full consideration of modest appearance, and dressing to a point of appropriate style. This routine includes any habitable thought process that you have previously been accustomed to before you would start your day, starting with the routine that leads up to changing. 

If you would generally wear makeup to a normal day at work, education or hang out, then do this for being online too! This will show that you are still taking pride in your physical appearance and showing thought towards how you present yourself! 

In summary, ensuring that a routine is still in place will preserve in your brain that presentability is still 100% expected and should be implied, even with the current circumstances. 

The second way is to ensure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing, both with physical appeal and comfort, especially since this new way of communication involves being sedentary for a long period of time. 

This means aligning with brands that allow you the comfort that you are in search of, but that also allows presentable appearance and high style, maybe try researching brands that fit what you are in need of. Online shopping provides ample options these days, and checking reviews also offer a good way to find out what others’ experiences were and if the clothing piece fits their expectations.

Overall, the way to remain modest during the new era of Zoom calls, is to apply your daily, habitual, thought process into your personal presentation, the same as you would despite the global pandemic. There shouldn’t be alterations in your general routine, just because time allows it. Dress to impress is still the motto! 

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